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September 22, 2015

If you're new to Sketchbook Skool, or just missed a class or two, now Sketchbook Skool is letting you sign up for the various classes (Beginning, Seeing, etc.) as, self-guided, ANYTIME you want. Each class is $99.

You still get six weeks of lessons for each class you sign up for, but the class starts the day you sign up. You still also have access to the Sketchbook Skool Facebook group and the Sketchbook Skool platform which is full of discussion groups and friends waiting to meet you.

Danny Gregory and Koosje Koene have new classes under development at SBS for 2016, so this is the perfect time to "catch-up" on any of the classes you missed.

Specifically I can recommend "Beginning," which includes a week with me on starting an animal sketching practice. 

You'll also have a fun week each with Danny Gregory, Koosje Koene, Prashant Miranda, Jane LaFazio, and Tommy Kane. Each instructor has prepared videos to show you his or her take on working with watercolor, or designing a page, and crosshatching, etc. Each has videos sharing pages from his or her journals. 

Because the classes are being offered as starting any time, Sketchbook Skool classes will be self-guided, but each instructor has provided a Frequently Asked Questions section. And there will be your classmates to share your work with as well.

Go check out the courses offered at the link given at the start of this post.

What's new at Roz Wound Up Classes?

If you are also interested in the bookbinding and art classes I offer independently on Roz Wound Up, know that yes, I will be scheduling "Simple Round Back Spine" and "Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public" again in 2016.

I am currently working on new online classes for Roz Wound Up. These will appear either at the end of this year or in 2016.

If you want to learn about the classes as soon as I announce more details, take a moment to go to the left column of this blog and scroll to the Gull portrait which reads "Classes with Roz." Use the mailing list sign-up form just below that image to get on the mailing list of interest. You'll know as soon as I know, when things get scheduled.

What's coming up? Different book structures which meet specific needs, more painting with different media and tools, and design. I'm even looking at ways to turn my in-person color theory class into an online class.

It's a lot of fun working on the videos and I'm looking forward to working with you.

Currently all classes under Roz Wound Up are offered with teacher participation, as described in the posted course descriptions. If a given course moves to self-guided, I will clearly indicate that in the course description. If you want teacher interaction your best option is to take the class when it's first offered by me. Another great reason to get on my class mailing list.   

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