I Am Minnsota State Fair Crazy Right Now

July 24, 2015

110830CSheepLeft: Sheep sketch made at the Minnesota State Fair, click on the image to view an enlargement.

Everything is focusing on the Minnesota State Fair right now. 

My "Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public" class goes live TODAY.

You can still register up until 10 p.m. tonight. (I had to change the registration time because I realized you would need time to do your homework for today.)

If you would like to spend the next 30 days building a durable sketching habit, working on approaches to build your accuracy, silencing your internal critic, and getting out sketching in public, there's still time to join in.  

Click here to read more about the class and to register. (There are no set supplies, and you can work with a pencil and paper if you want, so you could just jump in. If you want to explore more, there is a list of supplies you can grow with.)

For the next month I'll be in class seeing what the students do. But I want to make sure that everyone reading the blog is also getting ready for their Fairs or outdoor activities, so I'm going to share my favorite posts about the Fair through July. I hope that will get you out sketching live subjects wherever you live!

And of course the SEVENTH Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out is just around the corner. Artist Ken Avidor did the art for this year's button and I am excited for everyone to see it. (And will post it as soon as they arrive.)

SAVE THE DATE REMINDER: The Seventh Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out will be on Tuesday, September 1, 2015.

I will post more details about the meeting and a map to the meeting location closer to the day. Get out there and start getting ready. (I'm thinking of hitting a county fair or two!)

This will be the last MNFSO I organize. I hope you can all come out, sketch your hearts out and show me the Fair through your eyes. 

Don't worry, there will still be a sketch out in 2016 and beyond; it will just be taken up by another local artist who is totally committed to sketching at the Fair. I could not be happier. (And of course I'll still be coming to the Fair.)

In other Fair news, I and several of my friends, have made it into round two of the Fine Art Judging at the Fair. What that means is our digital entries were deemed worthy of a look in person. So in a short while we'll have to drop the artworks off at the Fairgrounds for the judges to judge. We're crossing our fingers. (Each artist can enter one piece of artwork.)

There is also still a short time for you to see "Art with a Bark" at the Edina Art Center. The last day for the show is July 29th. I have seven dog portraits in the show. There are amazing pieces from other local artists. I really think you should check it out if you love dogs and great images.

Let's all sketch like crazy for the rest of the summer!

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    Congratulations on getting past Round One of the State Fair Art Show! I hope your entry makes it in.

    BTW– I love my Whiskey Painters Watercolor pan palette. Easier to use than the kind I was using previously.

  2. Reply

    Thanks Roberta. We’ll see what happens.

    I’m so glad that you love that palette. It’s my favorite too. I love that I can easily change my colors.

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