Beard Drawing Withdrawal

July 13, 2015


Above: Pentel fine-tipped pigment ink brush pen on Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper; background pre-painted with acrylics, rubberstamp ink, and washi tape.

Two weeks ago I went into serious beard drawing withdrawal.

Things have been crazy here. I've had weird computer problems and several long visits from the computer tech. He's great, but he usually comes in the mornings and that means I miss my bike ride. Then I'm grumpy all day, well I have to try not to be grumpy all day because that would be childish, right!? 

I missed some very cool mornings, and yesterday the weather turned very warm.

I was surprised Sunday morning, when it was already 75 at 8:30 a.m., that I had one of the speediest rides ever. I got to my turnaround point and looked at the bike computer and couldn't believe it. I decided there must be a malfunction, but it had recorded the right mileage. It was hot and windy and I hate hot and windy.

At my next split I was still ahead of my usual time. I had to stop myself from flagging other people down and asking them to ride next to me so I could check my computer against theirs! (As if they would have!) I ended with a negative split and the fastest ride since the really cold days of spring when I was riding on adrenaline, just happy to be outside again.

And then the whole day went to you know what—but I had that ride. In the heat and wind.

But back to things being crazy here (though this bike ride in the heat is weird enough) I haven't had any time to draw beards! (OR scan images!)

So a couple weeks ago I stayed up late to remedy that. (Some actor whose name I don't know, on an Amazon show I will not be watching. I'm already erasing it from my brain. But I took a moment to stipple a 5 o'clock shadow.)

It was unfortunate that the nose ended up exactly on one of the dark spots, but that's what can happen if you want to sketch on textured backgrounds. 

I actually made that comment to Dick and he grumbled something about not understanding why I have to draw on textures anyway…He doesn't understand how much fun it is. And how I usually don't even see the texture.

That we disagree isn't weird at all. So something is normal.

And yes, the text is all blocked out for privacy because "I got up this morning" is the only non-weird thing that happened that day. It's been a long-haul of crazy.

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    I get why you work on a textures ground or at least I think I get it: adding an element of serendipity helps the artist to respond with a fresh approach? I was asked recently why I switch up my mediums at figure class. I guess I do not want to make drawings out of habit but out of the moment. Your textures allow unexpected things to happen like the area behind the nose which works magically well!

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