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July 10, 2015

If you look in the left-hand column of the blog near the top, you'll see the gull from my blog header in a box labeled "Classes with Roz." If you click on that it will take you to the current/upcoming class I'm teaching.

Just below that image there is a sign up form for my mailing list. You can choose which list you would like to be on.

I'm writing about this today because I thought the "subscribe" feature I'd worked out a couple months ago would work as a mailing list, but for reasons I can't seem to work out it isn't.

If you subscribed to this blog thinking that would get you class updates too, I'm sorry, I didn't realize how it all worked. But the good news is, if you sign up for the class list and you were on any other list I ever had and salvaged, you will get only one notice, because the mail program I'm using weeds out duplicates.

So if you would like to sign up for my class mailing list to be notified when new classes are coming up, please take a moment to fill in that short form. You can choose to be on the bookbinding class list, or a list for all classes. 

I hope you'll consider signing up. I have a bunch of classes that will be coming up in the next 18 months or so.

My first online bookbinding course was this past May. I wrote about my experience teaching binding online on the Artists Journal Workshop blog. 

On July 24 I start "Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public."

I'm very excited about this class. It grew out of my in-person Drawing Practice classes, and it deals with five things I believe are critical in developing one's drawing skills for live subjects—daily practice, habit building, understanding fundamentals so well you can improvise, actually getting out in public, and dealing with one's internal critic. There are new lessons every Tuesday and Friday through August 22. (Students have access to the videos and course materials for a year.)

Each lesson includes several videos which are a combination of information and demonstration (including drawing demos made at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair and Como Zoo). There are also written resources with each lesson. And of course daily homework—students should expect to put in a minimum of 30 minutes a day sketching.

During the first month of class I'll be on hand daily to answer student questions to keep them on track with that daily sketching, because we are after all building a habit as one of our goals. Also during the July and August there will be two live webinars when I will respond to questions the students write in, and discuss extra topics that have risen up in my mind while looking at the student work.

It's going to be a lot of fun. My hope is that any local students will also cap the class off by getting out to the Minnesota State Fair—the ultimate sketching live subjects in person event. The Fair begins on August 27.

If you would like to join in and build a drawing habit in your life, you can go here for additional information and registration.

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    Roz, just to clarify-I want to take the Drawing Live Subjects class but I travel a lot and my schedule is unpredictable and sometimes I can’t access the internet. You said the classes were available for a year and I believe they are on Ruzuku (which I’m familiar with from Sketchbook Skool). So is that correct? I don’t need to worry about being there on a particular day but can access whenever I can up to a year? I realize the live webinars would be an issue if I can’t participate but if the majority of the info and lessons are up and accessible, that should be a problem.

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    Chris, thanks for your interest in this class. Yes, students have a year’s access to the videos and can return to them at any time during that time.

    However, this class is set up with daily homework for the first month in order to create a habit building environment. If you aren’t able to participate by getting the new lessons online each Friday and Tuesday for that month, then you won’t be able to work on the homework. And if you aren’t able to keep up with the homework you won’t have a chance at meeting the goals of the class, and of course you won’t get the real benefits from the class.

    I think that you would find the experience frustrating and not useful.

    If you have access always on Tuedays and Fridays and can get the lessons then whether you do anything else on line such as post or talk with classmates is less key. But the daily homework, with no breaks is critical.

    I’m sorry that sounds like it doesn’t work with your schedule. Perhaps if the unpredictable travel is only temporary you could take the class when it’s next offered (which would be sometime next year)?

    I hope so.

    I appreciate you writing in about the class.

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    Thanks Roz. I think I might postpone for now but will definitely be back to take both this class and the book binding class in the future. I’ll be following your blog to be aware of the dates. Loved your class in Sketchbook Skool so I know what a great teacher you are and have followed your blog for a long time.

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    Chris, I think that’s best. I really appreciate your interest in classes but I want it to be a good fit so that you can get the most out of the class, and from what you described that wouldn’t happen.

    I look forward to working with you sometime in the future. I hope all your travel goes safely!


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