Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public—A New Online Class

June 19, 2015

If the above video doesn't run please view it on YouTube here.

July 24, 2015 I start a new online class "Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public. 

It's an intensive 30-day class that gets you building your drawing skills, pushes you out sketching in public, and helps you deal with your internal critic.  

For habit-building purposes teacher interaction and daily assignments last for a month.

Students will have access to all the resources for one year, until July 23, 2016.

This 2015 session of the course is closed. Please go to the current Classes Page for a link to the current session. A complete course description is available on the registration page. 

For 2016 click here.

If you would like information on the supplies needed for this class you can click here to download a PDF of the supply list and find out how to purchase a special discounted set

    • Sherri
    • June 19, 2015

    Did you mean to say that students will have access until July 23, 2016?

    • Sherri
    • June 19, 2015

    p.s. I also meant to say that the class sounds like fun!

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    Perfect Summer commitment! I can only imagine the work involved to create such a class. I hope the class comes with the secret of your endless energy. Thank you Roz.

    • Cathy
    • June 19, 2015

    Hi, I wanted to sign up for your on-line class but it says registration is closed. Am I too early?

    looking forward to class!

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    Sherri: I SURE DID!!!! Thank you. I just went in an fixed this.

    I was so wrapped up in writing this and setting up the registration page and making sure that all the links from this to that worked that I didn’t catch this!

    Thank you!

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    Roxane, just this morning on my bike ride I decided to redo one of the videos to have some bike stuff. Whether I get to that or not, I don’t know. But it’s the bike riding!

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    Cathy, I don’t know why it says it’s closed. Could you try again later today and see if that changes? It should be open and people are signing up. I’m not sure what the glitch is. 3 people have had problems. I think one was on a phone. Maybe it works better on the computer? I’ll try to find out what’s going on. Thanks for trying.

    • Debi
    • June 19, 2015

    Would you consider this more of a beginner class or intermediate level? I have been sketching for years but would love to bump my skills to the next level.

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    Debi, that’s a good question and one that I find difficult to answer. We will be dealing with some basic stuff at times, which if you’ve been drawing before you’ll probably have done. But I’ve put things together with the idea of building a habit, fighting the internal critic, and also understanding your own process. And you won’t be spending 5 minutes on something, but will have to sit with it and spend time. For some people learning how to do that, so that they can get to another level is the most important thing they’ll take from class.

    “bumping” one’s skills can mean a lot of things. I think the best way to bump skills up is through practice and if you’re already doing that you might instead be better off taking a skills class say on watercolor, or whatever you are most interested in bumping your skills up on.

    I really want people to be exposed to a bunch of different things in this class that they can use daily to really come out of this with the ability to create in a more regular and meaningful way. (Not something I talk about in my skill-focused classes.) And also come out of it with a bigger picture of what sketching actually is and can be and how one can be a self-learner throughout life.

    Drawing Practice and Journal Practice classes have always been attended by people with a wide variety of skill levels and experience. Students have all told me they come away with something valuable to them. We’ll have to see whether this translates to online or not. This is the first one like this I’m doing online.

    If you have a daily practice and you have no internal critic issues then maybe you’re better off in a skills based class. Whatever you decide, I hope you’ll consider a future class, perhaps in brush pen or gouache or binding. I appreciate your interest in my classes! Thanks for asking.

    • Kimberly
    • June 19, 2015

    Roz, I also got a message that registration is closed. I’m on a lap top computer not a phone.

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    Kimberly, I’m sorry this happened. I’m going to contact the tech people and let them know it’s happening. Everyone who tried and got a weird message like this earlier, wrote later to say that things worked, so perhaps if you try again on Monday or Tuesday next week it will go through. (That gives them time to contact me.)

    I appreciate you trying and hope the glitch gets worked out. If you try again on Monday or Tuesday and you still get that message please note down the time and if you can, send me a screen shot of the message you get. But if that’s a hassle, just note down the time. I can give that to the tech people and it will help them work things out.

    I hope we get to work together in class.

    • Debi
    • June 20, 2015

    Thanks for such a detailed answer. I really do appreciate you taking the time to give me ideas. I will definitely consider one of your future classes!

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    Glad to help.

    • Gerda Wolzak-van Hummel
    • June 23, 2015

    I tried to pay with a creditcard. Stripe accepted it, but Ruzuku didn’t. I hope a solution can be found.

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    Gerda, thanks for trying to register. I have written you a private note and also written to tech support at Ruzuku.

    • Joan
    • June 28, 2015

    Hi Roz: I’d like to take this course but need to find out if sketching outdoors is required. Where I live, high desert in southern NV, temps exceed 110F making it impossible for me to be outdoors after early morning hours. If “public” means indoor sites, then I’ll be OK.

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    Joan, sketching outdoors isn’t required, but the class is set up to get people sketching out in public, so you might want to think about where you have around you that you can go and sketch where you’ll find live models (people and animals) where you could sketch.

    I’m assuming NV is Nevada? So casino sketching is totally out. And I don’t know Nevada well enough to know where else you may have to go for public indoor sketching. I’d make a list and see if it can sustain you with enough variety for the month of class.

    You can of course focus on building a habit of sketching without going out in public, so if you wanted to take it anyway you could, but it really would be best if you had some live animals or people at home who you could sketch and get out once in awhile (perhaps to a mall?) I’m sorry I just don’t know your area well enough to come up with suggestions.

    I certainly couldn’t sketch in 110 degree F, though as a child, when the winds came from the central desert down to Melbourne we got some 118 degree days. I sketched and was happy—but I have a wonderful straw school hat, and as I joke with my dad all the time, “It was a dry heat.” (You would sweat and it would dry immediately on your skin.)

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    Hello Roz, not sure if you answered a question like this yet… I would love to take this course starting July 24th. I am away (in the wilderness with no internet access) for a week. Will that be a problem? If not, I will register. If so, when will it be offered next?


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    margriet, I’d love to have you in class, but I don’t think it would be a useful experience for you if you were without internet access for a week. There are two multipart lessons delivered each week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) so depending on when you took your trip you might miss two or three of those multipart lessons. Each multipart lesson has specific homework for you to complete. Without seeing the lessons you wouldn’t have the homework and you wouldn’t be able to get in the specific daily homework. And one of the class goals is to build that durable daily habit. So missing homework, and taking a break during the crucial habit building time would not allow you to get the benefits of the class.

    I would strongly urge you to NOT take the July class.

    I’m still filming new classes in bookbinding, visual arts, and journaling and it’s unclear at this time what the repeat schedule for any of the classes will be. I suspect this class will be repeated sometime in 2016, maybe in the spring or summer. But that’s subject to change based on other classes I’m releasing.

    I hope you’ll find that the next time it’s offered it will fit in your life.

    I appreciate your interest.


    • Joan
    • July 2, 2015

    Thank you so much for your detailed suggestions. I do get out in public places (indoors) that will suffice for drawing people in public places. We do have an animal “zoo” of sorts but it is in full sun and not doable for me. I’m going to sign up for the class even though I may have to wait for winter (perfect temps for me) to apply some of the homework.

    I’ve learned so much from reading your blog & taking your class in Sketchbook Skool. What you give in reviews on paper, paints, markers, pens, etc. is incredible and saves me money. I do appreciate all that you do. I’m off to sign up for class.

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    Joan, please DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CLASS if you plan to “save” homework for winter.

    It’s not that kind of class. You have to do the daily homework every day and in the order it’s presented to get the benefit of the class. Part of the class is building a habit and part is creating a foundation of sound drawing practice to set yourself up for improvement.

    If you have signed up please send me an email and I will give you a full refund.

    I want you to be happy that you took the class and I want you to have the best opportunity to really benefit from it.

    I’m glad you have enjoyed my SBS class and my blog and I hope you’ll keep reading and take this or other classes in the future. But it’s not a class in which homework can wait.


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    I was hoping it was a pill… Just kidding!

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    Thanks so much Roz for your honest answer. I am following your lessons in the Sketchbook Skool right now, and find your session (sketching animals) the best for me so far. I love your style, approach, and clear instructions. I am late with this, because I just discovered the wealth of opportunities online…

    I will check your blog/website from time to time to see if and when you may offer a course I could take.

    All the best.

    • Miriam
    • July 9, 2015

    Hi Roz, I was looking at the supply list for this class and have a question on the sketchbook. Since I’ve taken your wonderful bookbinding class online I wanted to make it myself. But based on the size of the sketchbook, it looks like a lot of more sheets will be required to make it the same size as you are suggesting. Do you recommend that for this class I purchase the sketchbook instead of binding one myself?

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    Miriam, thanks for writing in and asking. You can certainly use your simple round back spine sketchbook. In fact that book will give you MORE pages then the soft-bound Strathmore journal. The Strathmore journal was suggested because it is a paper I know will work with the different media I’m showing people, and I’m expecting that a lot of students won’t have books they’ve made. (Depending on whether or not you leave a title page in your SRBS book you’ll have 139-140 pages in it, which is double what folks using the Strathmore book will have. I expect people to do a lot of the exercises on loose paper. And one never knows how large someone else works so some people may need more than one commercially bound journal. It depends too on how much everyone gets done in 30 minutes a day.)

    You can use all of the different media I suggest in class in your book made with Gutenberg paper. You’ll get different results, because the paper is sized differently than the 500 series Mixed Media paper from Strathmore, but they will be good differences in that they will help you decide whether those media are for you, or whether the Gutenberg is best for you with a certain set of supplies.

    And as to the other supplies on the list, if you already have a favorite pen (and it’s not listed) feel free to use it instead. You can still watch all the demos and discussions and just squirrel that info away until the next time you feel like exploring different media. Part of the class is devoted to showing you “options” so that if you get stuck with one tool and aren’t progressing you can know what the other options are to try which might help you move forward again.

    Don’t feel you need to go out and purchase anything.

    Thanks for asking.

    • Miriam
    • July 9, 2015

    Thank you Roz. I have some Strathmore Mixed Media paper. I will use them for my July bookbinding project. My June sketchbook is almost full with my vacation sketches.:) I was mainly concern with the size of the Strathmore sketchbook because it doesn’t work well with the 22 x 30 sheets.

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    Yeah! that sounds like a plan, make the new sketchbook with the Strathmore MM.

    You will however have to work out another size for your sketchbook and size matters only in that it is something YOU are comfortable carrying out in public.

    So decide on a size you want and then apply that size to the sheet as we discussed in class and email me privately before you tear anything so I can double check your math.

    Grain runs short on the Strath. 500 Series MM paper.

    • Ulla
    • July 16, 2015

    Hi Roz,
    I just signed up, but I’m not sure if it went through….

  18. Reply

    Ulla, thanks for the heads up. I has NOT shown up yet, but don’t do anything yet.

    I will check for you again later and tomorrow. If it doesn’t show up by then I’ll let you know.

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