I’ve Been Getting Posts Ready for My Other Blog—Because International Fake Journal Month Has Ended!

May 8, 2015


Above: A quick sketch of Sir Ben Kingsley in "Lucky Number Slevin" which I reviewed April 24. Brush Pen and gouache in a 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia. I used a 3-inch and a 1-inch flat while painting this. (I just turn the flat on the edge and use a "corner" of it to make thinner lines. Though I did use a small filbert to write.

150329_BenKingsleyDetailLeft: A detail from the above image, because I just love looking at the mess.

The past two weeks have been a fun and busy, busy mess.

I haven't posted much here because of that. 

I just wanted to touch base today and thank you for stopping by. I'll let you know when the wrap-ups for IFJM have posted, and when I finally get to record the voice over for the wrap-up flip through of my 2015 fake journal.

I'm getting ready for next week's Art-a-Whirl and I'll have more to show you from what I've been working on lately, when the dust settles there too.

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    Wow, I love this portrait. I strive to make portraits with that much color and interest in them. I’m out of breathe just reading what’s going on in your life, I can’t wait to see your fake journal and just maybe I’ll have enough courage to try one next year! Thanx for your inspiration, I look forward to your posts.


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    Thank you Nini. I was using the paints set out for something else. I don’t use a lot of green, but I thought let’s give it a try. He has a very fun face.

    The last two weeks have been particularly busy and I’m pretty much out of breathe!

    With luck we’ll finish my IFJM video this weekend!! I hope you will consider jumping in next year. You can start small and simple and get lots of benefit. So don’t be intimidated.

    Thanks for reading.

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