I Can’t Stop Talking About Art Supplies

May 20, 2015

150507_WhiteDogBLeft: Dog park dog sketch with brush pen and gouache (light) washes. Background is Montana Marker. I'm back on some Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper and it LOVES the brush pens.

When you participate in an event like Art-A-Whirl you're set up in one spot for 3 days. And you end up talking to a lot of people.

I am the first to admit that in most situations I talk a lot about art supplies, but in an art-show situation with other artists stopping by I think I can guarantee that I'll talk about art supplies a good portion of the time. 

When my friend Laurie stopped by to catch up, I asked about her recent work. She showed me some iPhone photos. Then she started talking about how she was making her paintings and it became immediately obvious to me that she needed a bunch of Montana (or Molotow) acrylic paint markers. So I launched into my description of and praise for them.

Linda came up and started to laugh. (Remember way back in 2000 Linda gave me pencils at the holidays that were stamped "Roz Stendahl Art Materials Expert.") 

Linda was laughing.

Linda: Major art supply companies have a GPS locator on Roz so they can track her whereabouts and relate it to the upswing in purchases of certain supplies.

Well if they don't, they probably should!

Earlier that afternoon another friend had stopped by and asked me, "What's that brush pen you're using that you keep talking about?"

I whipped out my Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and handed it to Don, along with a yellow pad of paper that was nearby, so he could test it out.

It took 30 seconds or less for him to fall in love with it, so I reached into my bag for my two extra cartridges, explained how to reload the pen, and sent Don on his way with the pen and refills. 

Of course I kept his sketch. 

People I talk to about the brush pen may never become as hopelessly addicted to it as I am, but even if they are, or if they can't stop using Montana (or Molotow) markers, I feel over all I've done something good in the interaction. They'll certainly have more fun sketching.

I hope you pick up your favorite tool and sketch today.

    • Karen
    • May 20, 2015

    Someone should track art supply sales globally after one of your blog posts. Or maybe you’re already doing that.

  1. Reply

    You’re not alone…it’s a common addiction for many of us. love the sketch!

  2. Reply

    Karen, I think Wet Paint notices things when I blog about stuff. Sometimes it’s pretty obvious. “Why is everyone asking about this? Roz must have blogged about it.”

    But I don’t do other tracking.

    Linda’s pretty funny though.

  3. Reply

    Rebecca, I’ve been at the computer all morning and I have to stop typing right now because I cannot stand not using the PPBP another moment longer. I have to pick it up.

    I can get back to work after one sketch.


    OK, maybe two sketches…

  4. Reply

    Your dog sketch is just bursting with personality! Love the orange background and the lines, particularly the lines that make the ears! So, so FUN!

  5. Reply

    Thanks Jan, he’s a fun little guy, though his owner would not recognize him from this (I took liberties when lines went awry!)

    That orange is from a 15mm Montana marker and it makes me so happy to use them. Not as happy as using the PPBP on the 500 series Mixed Media paper, but almost!!

    Would that we could simply do this all day long (you with your pup, me with any dog that happens by)!

    • Miss T
    • May 21, 2015

    Great sketch, Roz. I can picture you being followed by a drone dispatched by an art supply company…

  6. Reply

    Miss T, that would explain that buzzing I am always hearing wouldn’t it????

    • Julana
    • May 23, 2015

    Maybe that’s what my tinnitus is. 🙂 I got Nita Leland’s Exploring Color in the mail yesterday, thanks to your recommendation. Really enjoying it. So thanks for that!

  7. Reply

    Julana, glad you’re enjoying Nita Leland’s “Exploring Color.” Hope you have time this weekend to make some color experiments!

  8. Reply

    Awesome dog sketch!

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