Strong Language Warning—A Bit About How Language Is Changing on the Internet

April 30, 2015

If you don't have a sense of humor, don't care about language and how it changes, and don't swear, forget this post and move on. 

Really, right now, click away.

But if any or all of that applies to you check out "OMFG! Sweary Abbreviations FTFW!" by Stan Carey.

My friend Wendy sent the link to me because she knows I am apt to use as many Fs as necessary when I get going on a topic.

I belong to what Dick and I call the "Melanie Griffith School of Swearing"* and employ tmesis whenever possible. But now, thanks to Wendy and Stan Carey I have a whole new outlet.

*Based on an interview we once heard her and a co-star give, where she employed tmesis exactly as I do and the co-star mimicked her in an even more exaggerated fashion. Actually when I really get going Dick reminds me, using tmesis, who I'm not. (WITFO)

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    I loved this! Thanks for posting TFS.

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    D, yes, it will be offered again. But I’m not sure when. I have 5 bookbinding classes that I’ll be releasing in the next 2 years and I’m trying to work out a schedule for them and the other drawing and painting classes I’ll be releasing. Originally I thought I would release this class again in the fall of this year or December. That may still happen but it also looks now like I might just release this class once a year going forward, and so that would mean it would come out in 2016 at some unknown (as of yet) time.

    So much plays into when I can release these new classes, general life stuff, work, eldercare emergencies so until I’ve done a few and see how they go and fit with everything else I’m juggling it won’t be clear. You can subscribe to this blog and come and check every once in a while for updates under “classes” in the categories. Or you can write to me and ask that you be put on a class announcement list.

    Thanks so much for your interest. I hope we can work together sometime in the future.

    • Alison A
    • April 30, 2015

    AWESOME! ILMFAO which was exactly what I needed… Thank you SO much 😀

    • Margo
    • April 30, 2015

    Ha! I loved it

    • D
    • May 1, 2015

    Thanks Roz. Good luck with all the juggling. Have you ever watched WC Fields juggle shoe boxes? Ellie

    • D
    • May 1, 2015

    I have no idea why I am signed in as “D”

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    Love this. Learned a new word: tmesis. I recently read in an interview with comedian Eddie Izzard, who learns German, that he likes to say ausge-fucking-zeichnet. (ausgezeichnet = German for excellent). I guess that is tmesis. 😀

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    I grew a potty mouth when I worked as an architect around contractors. I am fine with it — unless I am teaching kids. Then I must be careful. I love ALL the many words and think you should learn to use them skillfully. We are about to hire an employee and it will be in their contract that they have been forewarned. I won’t cuss at them (abuse is not okay) but I will most definitely be heard saying it in my office — especially with cold callers.

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    It’s interesting that Izzard is mixing the two languages for his tmesis!

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    Yep, I never swear around kids, but I also teach kids a lot less than I used to…not because it’s too hard not to swear, but because I pick up any flu or cold bug circulating! What was to be a 1-week residence and break from the office ends up being a grueling respiratory extravaganza in which I have to still work to keep clients happy. Not cost effective.

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