Part 2 Video of Free Webinar on International Fake Journal Month Up Now

April 2, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, I kicked off International Fake Journal Month 2015 by talking again with Diane Gibbs at Design Recharge. (We talked in February, see below.)

Diane is a delight to talk with and excited about process and interested in this project. You can see the talk in the above embedded video (If the embedded video doesn't run you can watch it at this YouTube link.)

This video is a great introduction to IFJM. In our first talk we spoke a lot about my background and some media, but in this session we jumped right in and explained the guidelines and the usual pitfalls. But we also got to talk about the benefits to your real journal practice that accrue, regardless of your current experience journaling. And we talk about how you can assess your current art status and goals and use this project to alter your process in positive and meaningful ways.

If you are looking for a compact and detailed look at what fake journaling is about and how to go about it in a manageable way I recommend that you have a look at this video which runs 65 minutes.

If you missed the first talk that was held on February 11, you can view it here. The post at this link also includes additional notes about books and materials people in the live chat asked about during the video.

If you are interested in joining the International Fake Journal Month Facebook group the good news is you won't have to send images of your fake journal as discussed in the video. The group is now a closed group but we will continue to let in people who are interested in fake journals even if they aren't interested in keeping one. To join simply go to that link and ask to join. (Note that there is a PAGE on Facebook with the same name. That's simply a tool to announce things publicly on Facebook, be sure to go to the group.)

You can find out more about International Fake Journal Month at the official blog site. If you are keeping a fake journal and posting on a dedicated blog or on a page in your regular blog and have participated before send me a link and I'll put you on the roll. If you haven't participated, send me links to 6 entries when you have them completed (probably on April 7 if you started yesterday) and I'll check them out and put you on the roll. (I'm just trying to make sure folks on the roll are actively participating in the project.)

I really enjoyed speaking with Diane Gibbs. Remember she does this every week. You can see the upcoming episodes of Design Recharge Show listed here. It is free to sign up and you can then log in every week for the webinar, or watch the filmed version when it's released usually later that day or the next day.

On the Design Recharge Show site you will find an Archive of past shows that you can enjoy. Diane interviews artists, designers, typographers…. She also constructs shows around topics like using social media, doing the unexpected, running a design business, the design process, etc. I think you will find a lot of enjoyable and informative programs in her archives, so check it out.

Remember, as the slogan for IFJM goes:

Life's so short, why live only one?



  1. Reply

    R: I am watching the video in progress right now, but I have to remark on the delicious EGGPLANT painting on a green ground. GORGEOUS brushwork.

  2. Reply

    ellen, glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching!

    You can see that eggplant in closer view if you go to this post and then click to enlarge the image

    I actually was quite happy with the deep purples I got.

    We also talked about the next drawing in that series

    Then it decayed a bit more and you can see it here

    And just for grins here’s the final sketch in that series, when it was really starting to sink and collapse from rot.

    I was at the end of a Strathmore 500 series Mixed Media journal I’d made when I did the first two, but in looking back now I see I was being pretty productive in the journal as I got through the brown paper Designo journal and into one with Gutenberg.

    I got my money’s worth out of that eggplant!

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