There Couldn’t Be A Better Time To Be An Artist—A Week-Long Celebration, Part 3

March 4, 2015


Above: Sometimes I get so carried away with the beard (and hair!) that I let the nose get a bit wonky. Pentel fine-tipped pigment ink brush pen sketch on Japanese Lined journal; with washes from a Pentel dye-based brush pen, and color from a 15 mm tipped Montana Markers. This is actor Jorge Garcia who plays a computer-geek-conspiracy-nerd on "Hawaii 5-O" which is a little bit of silliness I like to watch each week because I also enjoy sketching Scott Caan.

I have never dated a man and not asked him to grow a beard. Except once—and he was in the National Guard and I thought there might be a regulation against it—well, that and he really didn't seem like a beard kind of guy.

They were all more fun to photograph and sketch with beards. Maybe I just don't like sketching chins. Nope that's not it.

All but one of them grew a beard. They were fabulous beards. I feel I've done something, however fleeting, to add to the beauty of the world.

Sadly one guy waited almost 20 years to grow a beard (and obviously by that time it wasn't at my request). I was right, he looked fabulous with a beard.

If I ask you to grow a bread I think you should just give in and grow one. I know what I'm talking about.

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    Two of my 3 husbands had beards… I like bearded men too.

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    Great minds CaptElaine, great minds!

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    Okay : You are officially making me ” fall out”! This is splendidly wacky and visually delightful: KUDOS.
    PS: Last weekend we saw 5 black vultures making short work of roadside carrion no doubt stymied by the unlikely cold and … in the South. I feel some bird drawing coming on: vultures are surprisingly civil and slow about their eating.

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    Ellen, glad you enjoyed this. I don’t know a lot about vultures having only sketched them at zoos and Nat. history museums where the signage is never exhaustive. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have quite a social structure based on their adaptive strategies, not as advanced as Corvids, but something social.

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