International Fake Journal Month Begins On Wednesday—and There’s Another Webinar

March 30, 2015

150322_Alan_CummingBLeft: Quick sketch of Alan Cumming (host on Masterpiece Mystery). 11.5 x 16.25 inch Fabriano Recycled Drawing. Pentel fine-tipped ColorBrush with pigment black ink. Broad, light washes of gouache made with a triple- and quadruple-loaded 3 inch brush (1-inch flat used for background). The image doesn't have anything to do with IFJM—I was just up late one night last week and wanted to sketch and paint but didn't want to get out new paint or other brushes so I took a 3 inch flat and stroked it over a full line of filled pans in my gouache box and then painted, sometimes with the full brush, sometimes just with an edge and whatever color happened to be there. Why? Just 'cause.

Crazy times here.

I want to post this week because so much is happening. But at the same time a lot is in limbo. 

This week I decided to post some of my favorite experiments from the past several weeks (maybe months). 

In the meantime I'll work like crazy on getting out of limbo. I hope to have concrete updates next week.

I also wanted to take a moment to encourage you to tune into a second webinar about International Fake Journal Month (IFJM) with Diane Gibbs of Design Recharge.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015 from 1:30 to 2:30 CST.

I couldn't find the link for you to sign in while I was "pre-writing" this post. But I wanted you to at least mark your calendars. Please check back for the link. I hope to have it by Tuesday. I'll also post it on Facebook.

Click here to go to the Webinar to register and participate. It's FREE. 

You may remember with the last talk we ran out of time before we got to say much about IFJM. Well we'll make a point of hitting the key details this time. There is still an opportunity for you to join in, in fact you can participate at any point in April, though if you want to get some useful insights 2 weeks is about the minimum participation I'd recommend. You can read more about International Fake Journal Month here.

Whether you keep a fake journal in April or not I hope you'll join in the discussion and see what it's all about. It might help you take a closer look at your own journaling process.

If you would like to catch yourself up and watch the first webinar we made on IFJM please click this link.

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    Thanks, ROZ! This is so great. You and the Sketchbook Skool gang have changed my life. No kidding. I look at everything differently. I really would love to take a workshop with you. Do you have these?


    Elle Gould

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    Elle, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I hope you’ll check out my blog about fake journaling, but if you’re just getting going with your journaling, through classes at SBS I think it’s best if you focus on the real for a bit.

    I do teach, both in person and online. Right now only the SBS class is available on online, but I have a bookbinding class that is ready to go online as soon as I work out how to handle VAT (for the EU). In fact I’m hoping it will be up at the end of April.

    And we have already started shooting other drawing, journaling, and bookbinding classes. There should be a post about all this sometime in the next two weeks on my blog. I hope you’ll find something of interest and join in.

    If you are interested in doing an in-person workshop you’ll have to wait until fall this year or 2016 as I don’t have any in-person workshops scheduled right now. I’m using my spare time to edit those new online classes.

    You can find about about in person classes by visiting the blog now and then and checking the “CLASSES” category.

    And you can subscribe to the blog so updates come to you.


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    Well hurry up with this classes. Lol. Better find my misplaced bone folder. Love the sketch of Alan. Super colors. He can be a little creepy and I think u got that here!!

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    Margaret, wish I could, talk to the EU—they decided to require micro venders to keep all sorts of e-commerce records and gather taxes, and none of the e-commerce stuff is set up for this since it just happened Jan. 1. I’ve been ready to go live since February 1. Short of spending thousands of dollars to hire people to set this up for me…

    I think Alan is one of the most interesting actors around today, and has one of the most fascinating faces. I didn’t intend to make him look creepy so I’m sorry about that.

  5. Reply

    No I think he’s a bit creepy. Saw him in a show where he was a murder a while back. A creepy one. That’s why I think he’s a little creepy. Lol. Ok. We want u to make lots of money not spend it. Well pooh on the EU. Will check back!!

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    Pooh on the EU is RIGHT. THat is my new slogan. I would have had the classes up on line for months already if not for them. I think I’ll make a poster that says this!!!

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