I Love Hairdos—Isaac Mizrahi

March 11, 2015


Above: Warm up sketch while watching a documentary on Isaac Mizrahi and a 1990s fashion show. I seem to have forgotten to write in the time, which was basically 30-40 minutes before starting the next sketch. All the sketches happen fairly quickly, but then I take time to watch the show. All images in today's post were made in a Japanese Lined journal (page size approx. 8.5 x 11.5 inches; the paper color is a bit grey) with a fine-tipped Pentel Brush pen with pigment ink and "washed" with washes from a Pentel ColorBrush which is dye-based and contains watersoluble ink; with backgrounds made using 15 mm tipped Montana Markers. Exception: Sketch two was made with a Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen and the background was Golden High Flow Acrylic paint, which has a different texture than the Montana.

Click on the images in todays post view an enlargement.

Recently I wrote about facial hair and how I love to sketch beards. But hairdos are equally enticing to me. One evening while watching "Unzipped," a 1995 documentary on Isaac Mizrahi (whom I also enjoy watching on "Project Runway All Stars" where he is one of the judges), I had to sketch his hair. 

It has a wonderful substantiality to it.

I don't really think I have to say anything else about these sketches. I think they clearly show how much I love his hair.

The movie is available on Netflix and elsewhere I'm sure. It provides an interesting behind the scenes look at Mizrahi as he prepares for a fashion show. Seeing his creativity in action is inspiring.  

"It's always worth it. Even when it sucks it's worth it."—Mizrahi




    • Julana
    • March 11, 2015

    He once said something in an interview about color being the great luxury that is available to everyone, both rich and poor. That has stayed with me. He is a character.

  1. Reply

    I think I heard this before, though it wasn’t in the movie. Or maybe you mentioned it before Julana when talking about color theory? Anyway I think it is a wonderful sentiment and color is available to everyone.

  2. Reply

    He knows how to make gals of all sizes look good and he is a fashion survivor! Working in fashion for years, I understand how hard it is to stay alive in that game and he is such a creative person I think he would always find a way to be HIMSELF…which is truly the most artistic achievement for all of us!

    • Dana Burrell
    • March 11, 2015

    Image D.
    Oh my Roz… his eyes… you’ve got him!

  3. Reply

    I think that’s what’s best about him, that he’s being himself. That’s the best achievement any of us can hope for artistic or otherwise isn’t it.

  4. Reply

    Thanks Dana, that’s my favorite too. I was all warmed up and I scaled back on size. So often he looks vulnerable.

    • Lori
    • March 11, 2015

    Love these! I too love drawing hair. There’s Flickr page just for hair, if you’re interested.

  5. Reply

    Super hair drawings. Love them!! I would draw hairs and beards but I seem tone stuck in bird and pet land.

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