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February 11, 2015

150209_BackstromBRLeft: TV Sketch, Rainn Wilson, with Pentel pigmented, fine-tipped ColorBrush (yes, one of those squeezy pens) on green stationery (I think it might be Canson that was pre-cut), for my loose sheets journal (about 8.5 x 11 inches). You really want to view an enlargement.

Reminder: at 1:30 CST I will be on Design Recharge with Diane Gibbs talking about Fake Journaling and visual journaling and everything related. If you click on this link it should get you to the sign in page.

The talk is free!

I would love it if you joined in the conversation.

After it's over I'll post the link to the taped version for people who are sleeping in their time zones.

About today's image—sometimes sketches make me exceedingly happy. This one does. It took me less than 90 seconds to sketch the outlines, starting from the eye brow on the left. Each mark just turned out exactly where I wanted it. (He really does have a long neck (or he was stretching it). Then it took me considerably longer to go in and draw the hair pattern and stubble. But you know I enjoyed every moment of it because I am obsessed with hair (and stubble for that matter).

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    Your talk today was excellent! i quite enjoyed it and cant wait for your bookbinding class!
    Thank you for constantly inspiring me.

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    Thank You Claudia for joining in. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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