There’s Something Marvelous about the Noses on Character Actors

December 3, 2014


Above: Pentel Pocket Brush Pen sketch filled in with various Montana Acrylic Markers, in an 8.5 x 11 inch (approx.) Japanese Lined Journal (which yes I still need to make a video of and have promised forever!)

I cut my right index finger which I use to scroll with the mouse, and of course to type, so I think that title of today's post says it all so I'll just include these two images, which are part of my on-going series of actor portraits made while watching TV (or movies).

Below: I got a new orange 15 mm marker with Orange (not light orange), it's lovely with a flame like intensity. I used it to sketch in the eyebrows and shadows of this actor and then worked with the pink and lavendar markers. When I was all done I used my newly acquired Royal Red bullet-tipped marker to more clearly define some lines. All Montana Marker acrylic paints but some of my empty markers are Molotow Markers (I just fill them with the Montana paint. I like the pastel aspect of it and the matte finish which is fun to write on). Sketch done in a 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia Journal.


    • Julana
    • December 3, 2014

    You seem to like that Venezia journal. Wish I could find it on a shelf around here. ( I sympathize with your injury. Did the same thing slicing a carrot in a seldom-used mandoline night before last. ). I like the lavender color.

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    dramatic colors and i love the style

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    Sandy, thanks for your kind comment.

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    I do like the Venezia for some things. I like the 9 x 12 size only and because of that it’s a studio journal because I can’t carry something that large around with me. I don’t like it for pencil work, color pencil work. But for pen, watercolor and gouache, as well as markers I love it.

    But I also love my Japanese lined journals—for the same things, and they aren’t art papers at all.

    I just love the way the PPBP feels on both of them and the markers of course.

    I don’t know where you are located Julana, but Wet Paint in St. Paul carries the Fabriano Venezia in all sizes and they do mail order.

    Also Cheap Joe’s has FREQUENT sales on these journals and if you get them when they are sale and do some math you can actually order enough of them (last time the prices made it be 3) you actually get enough of a deal so that paying postage you still get one journal FREE.


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