I Went a Little Crazy with the Squeezy Pens

December 15, 2014


Above: Quick sketch of clothing designer Wes Gordon, as seen on "The Fashion Fund." Sepia Pentel Colorbrush Pen (dye-based, non-archival, but deliciously watersoluble) on a spread in my 8.5 x 11 inch (approx.) Japanese lined notebook.

141208_A_WesGordonDetLeft: Detail from the above image. The paper in these notebooks is on the gray side. I diluted the sepia brush pen ink with a Niji waterbrush. Sometimes I ran the Niji over the tip of the sepia pen to pick up some diluted ink and used the Niji to lay that diluted color down. Other times I pulled diluted color out of lines I already had on the paper. And of course many times I just squeezed one or the other of the brush pens and flicked water or ink as desired.

As the title of today's post suggests, I did indeed go a little crazy with the squeezy type brush pens in the past week. I'm paying for it now with sore hand and arm. So no typing. 

I just have to say, it was so fun that yes it was worth the discomfort.

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    I just love the way you captured his “attitude”. Spontanuous craziness pays off.

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    Thanks Roxane. I had a ton of fun sketching this—he has interesting hair and ears (two criteria I need), and I like that I was able to hold onto the likeness. I have “hidden” the pens since Friday because I need a rest!

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    Ahahah, someone would have to hide for me… I would not trust myself. I hope it worked and that you got some rest though.

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