A Cold Is Interrupting My Regularly Scheduled Activities…

December 24, 2014


Above: Sketch made while watching TV. Pentel Pocket Brush pen and Daniel Smith Watercolors and Montana Markers in a 7.75 x 9.75 inch Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media softbound journal.


Left: Sketch of Chris March made the same evening, in the same book. Click on the enlargement to view an enlargement.

Colds are beyond annoying to me, they stop me from getting done what I want to get done. This time is no exception. I tried to "go with it" and rest up, even giving up my cycling for 4 days, but my body didn't get the message. I may not be "passing go" and may have to go directly to jail (i.e. bronchitis), we'll see.

I haven't been able to scan what I've been up to lately so here are two images from earlier this year which are indicative of what I've been up to, i.e., watching a LOT of television. It's about all I have energy for between the bouts of coughing.

Plan for today: more video streaming. Probably no sketching. The coughing makes it difficult.

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    Well, that’s a real drag, especially to be sick over the holidays! I hope you are better soon.

    Oh, yes…. I liked Kini on Proj Runway! Though my husband and I only watch it for Tim Gunn!

    • Karen
    • December 24, 2014

    Hope you’re better soon.

    • Julana ys
    • December 24, 2014

    Hope you have a good Christmas,msick or well, Roz. Sorry you’re so ill. We’ve been nearly housebound for much of two weeks with viruses that must have tag teamed. Not fun.

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    I really only watch it for Tim Gunn too, but then every time I fall in love with a couple designers. I’ve always been a fan of Chris March!

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    Thanks Karen, yesterday doc said it was the flu followed up by bronchitis. I’m pretty grumpy these days.

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    Julana, I hope you and all your family are soon all recovered and have a great 2015!

    • Ellen
    • December 26, 2014

    Okay: if you are TV bound, here is a show I saw that made me think of you: MY LIFE AS A TURKEY! It is bird love to the tenth degree. (
    I saw it on PBS as a dramatization of Joe Hutto’s experiences raising a brood of wild turkeys by chance and decision, with his being accepted as a turkey himself. He does amazing pencil drawings and tells such an moving story. A noble bird as noted by Ben Franklin.
    I got one of his books for Christmas about a project in which he lives with BIGHORN sheep to trying to figure out why they are declining in Wyoming. He is living my early childhood dream of being like one of those 1960’s- 70’s style Nat Geo illustrators! Feel better: Ginger tea is really good for congestion. Add honey and a good cough suppressant as well.

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    Ellen, this sounds perfect. I will look for it. Thanks for thinking of me. Turns out I had flu, and then followed up with a respiratory infection. early this a.m. I had an allergic reaction to the megastrength cough meds. Don’t know what I’ll do next time around so I’m just never getting sick again!

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