Sketching in the Cemetery

October 22, 2014

141005_B_StatueBRLeft: Tomb monument in Lakewood Cemetery. A 7 x 5 inch handbound journal with Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media paper turned vertically. Faber-Castell Pitt Calligraphy Pen and Daniel Smith Watercolors, with strokes of orange from a Montana Acrylic Marker with a 30 mm nib.

Cutting your little finger on your drawing hand moments before you leave to go out to a sketch out is a sure fire way to arrive late! And once you arrive late and talk to someone for 35 minutes or more about the history of movies you can't really complain if you miss the light!

On this day I was meeting up with a bunch of MetroSketchers at the Lakewood Cemetery. The day started out as a crisp and sunny fall day, but by 1:30 or so the clouds started to roll in and then didn't leave. I tried to remember the shadows on this statue.

141005_C_LM-WrappedLeft: Quick sketches of bundled sketchers.

After awhile I was joined by another sketcher and I made a quick sketch of her bundled in her quilt. This was not a bad idea for this day!

And then it was time to pack it in and may my way back to the meeting, stopping first to look at the stained glass windows in one of the mausoleums. Just before the meeting I saw a second bundled up sketcher.

The meeting is always fun because you get to see what everyone else did. I recommend that you join MetroSketchers on Facebook and see the sketches and attend the meetings.

I'm not a huge fan of drawing statues and I didn't realize there were tons of geese just done the road from me that I could have been drawing, so it will come as no surprise to anyone when I say the second best part of the day for me (seeing everyone's work was the best part) was going out to Cecil's afterwards and having a French Toast Turkey Club sandwich while getting warm.


    • Carol
    • October 22, 2014

    There’s that orange!

  1. Reply

    Yes, Carol, there’s that Orange! You can see it in this post too

    It is one of my favorite colors in the markers. I love it.

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