Come on a Seeing Adventure: Color Theory Class Starts November 3

October 8, 2014


There is still space left in my fall color theory class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts in Minneapolis.

In fact if you register before October 13 you get the early bird savings of $60!

You can read the details about the class, Introduction to Design: Color Theory with Roz Stendahl, here. That post also tells you how to register. 

Why do I describe this class as a "seeing adventure"? Well in this class you will work through a varitey of exercises which will help you understand and SEE the relationships across the color spectrum. These exercises will enable you to select color palettes for any sort of artistic project whether it is for an illustration, book structure design, book interior design, polymer clay creation, jewelry design, or fiber arts work.

If it's artwork, how you use color will determine whether or not the emotion, message, and impact you wished to convey succeeds.


Left: In books, not only are the printed interiors designed with an eye to color use, but the structure's materials play a colorful part as well. This is true regardless of the artistic medium within which you work.

An understanding of color theory will not only speed up your working process by helping you make quick and confident decisions, but that understanding will allow you to create nuanced pieces with greater depth and eye-appeal. You'll also know when and why you might want to break the rules!

For the artist the study of color is not some dry, scientific labor. It's an exploration of "what ifs." You'll capture your exploration and process in a workbook you build throughout the class. You'll discover color preferences you might have been unaware of; you'll understand why you hold other color preferences; and most important you'll become comfortable using color as a tool to express your art. 

In the latter portion of this 6-week class you'll work on an individual project, applying the lessons you've learned. This can be any project you are currently wrestling with or a project I help you discover based on your goals. Taking "theory" into real world projects is the best way to reinforce your understanding and integrate it into your permanent working process.

It's a seeing adventure. It's about learning to see on a different level. Really, what could be more fun? And what could be more essential to the artist in any field?

I hope you'll join me for the fun. The class is open to artists of all levels because all artists need to have a working knowledge of color theory.

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