Sketching on Lined Paper

August 13, 2014


Above: Brush pen sketch using a Pentel fine-tipped brush pen with pigment ink and a Sepia (dye-based ink) Pentel ColorBrush Pen, in one of the Japanese Lined Notebooks I’ve been working in recently. (The paper is naturally this gray-ish.)

This last week has been a tough one for work flow. I had a major problem with my back-up system. There has been no point in editing more video before this issue is resolved, so today I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite images from one of my Japanese Lined Notebooks.


Left: Detail from the above image so you can see the patterns the ink makes close up. The fun thing about this paper is that it’s so fun to move the brush pens over its surface. Additionally the black ink never seeps through (it’s a pigment ink). The sepia will seep through if I put a lot of it in an area, or if I put a lot of water on, but I’ve worked out a rhythm to it and it’s rare now to get seeping, or if there is any it’s minimal. It hasn’t diminished my fun one bit.

Time to go sketch something. I hope to get out to the zoo this week and sketch some animals to help me get ready for the Minnesota State Fair.

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    I like your blog! Saved it to my favorites. Will check back often!

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    I’m glad Gloris, Thanks for writing in.

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    Question: Your pentel pens. How do you store them? Upside down, on their side, right side up? I ordered one. Arrived yesterday. Haven’t had time to use it yet, but loaded the ink and got it flowing.

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    Gloris, congrats on your first Pentel Brush pen. You didn’t say which one you got and I dare not assume you got the PPBP (Pentel Pocket Brush Pen) since all the “ColorBrush” types are so fun to sketch with too.

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I store them upright, upside down, and horizontally. All makes and models are everywhere throughout the house, wherever I might pick up a pen. I’ve never had a problem with any of them because of how I store them.

    EXCEPT: I bought a bunch of “barrels” of ink for the Colorbrush and didn’t use them for a couple years because I fell totally in love with the PPPB. And the other day when I tried to use them they wouldn’t flow, they are dried up inside or something. Too Sad. So don’t buy a lot of replacement barrels as they don’t keep.

    And as for the PPBP I’ve had them sit idle, because I’m using another in another room, for ages and they still write great and I’ve even had an empty one that was left closed up but with a dirty tip, work great when I added a new cartridge so I’m either the luckiest pen user in the world or they are pretty much indestructible. (I find the longest I’ve got out of a PPBP tip is 3 years of regular but not daily use because the tip lasts long; or 1 year of daily use. Then when the tip is worn I put a color tape on the barrel to remind me it’s a particular type of worn and keep using it when I need it for that type of line, but start a new one for the really fun hairline work. So don’t through them out when you think your PPBP is work. Discover the new marks it makes. Have fun. Oh, and if you got the PPBP be aware that it takes a little bit of shaking and stroking to get them to flow the first time, so don’t be surprised. That’s normal.

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