Fall Classes for 2014

August 1, 2014

It's still summer, but it's not too early to plan for the fall, especially if there are early-bird discounts available. So here's a heads up—I'm teaching two classes fall 2014 at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. The titles of the classes, dates, descriptions, etc. are provided below. 

If you are interested in taking either of these classes please call MCBA at 612-215-2520 or go to their adult education courses page at this link, and scroll down until you find the class, click on the "register" button, and follow their instructions. (All registration is handled directly through MCBA.)

I look forward to working with you.

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Above: Whether you're trying to create a color scheme for an edition of books or a series of prints or paintings "Introduction to Design: Color Theory" will give you confidence to make harmonious color selections.

Introduction to Design: Color Theory with Roz Stendahl

Six Mondays: November 3, 10, 24, Dec 1, 8, 22; 7-9pm
$290 ($260 members)+ no supply fee (see below for individual supply costs);
EARLY BIRD: $230 expires 10/13

Certificate: 18 hours, Category A (fulfills design requirement) All skill levels welcome. 4 students min., 10 max.

Develop an understanding of color theory that will inform and enrich your book arts decisions, whether you are selecting papers, fabrics and foils for a structure, printing a fine edition, creating a series of prints, or painting an illustration or artist book.

The class will begin with an exploration of the mixing of colors using watercolor paints. (No painting experience is necessary.) Lecture and discussion will provide students with information and principles for following through on a book arts project of your choice with direction from the instructor and feedback from classmates.

Supply costs: There is no supply fee for this class, however, all students will need to purchase a couple 22 x 30 inch sheets of watercolor paper, a size 8 watercolor brush, and either a 3-color or an 8-color set of watercolors for the early lessons' homework exercises. (The 8-color set is recommended for students interested in illustration and printmaking.)

A recommended paint list will be sent to registered students (please leave your email address when registering). Students are responsible for purchasing materials for the independent project, but the instructor will provide economical suggestions for students interested in working with the concepts, but who don't have a current project in mind.


RoundedSpine090808-7170 copy 2

Above: A selection of simple roundback spine journals with labels. We will make a journal with portrait orientation like the book on the left, approx. 6.5 x 8.5 inches. We will also make a shallow label depression so that a laminated label can be inserted flush on the cover.

Simple Roundback Spine Journal with Roz Stendahl

Saturday, November 15; 10am-6pm
$130 [$115 members]+ $35 supply fee; EARLY BIRD: $100 expires 10/25

Certificate: 8 hours, Category B or D. Some binding experience helpful. 4 students min., 10 max.

Learn how to sew a sturdy text block on tapes without the fuss of using a sewing frame. Work with archival artist paper to create a hardbound, cloth covered journal that will accept work in wet or dry media. Only the complexity has been scaled down in this version of the traditional round back spine structure. It proves sturdy enough for intense field work and is elegant enough to grace your coffee table. Students will be able to make this book structure again and again at home without expensive binding equipment.

This session's book will be approximately 6 x 7 inches (almost square orientation), filled with cream colored art paper perfect for sketching and watercolor.

Students will have the option of creating a recessed frame on the cover to hold a label made post-class. Throughout the day the instructor will provide journaling suggestions, discuss how to select paper suitable for a variety of visual journaling media, and examine ways to adapt the structure's size. She will have examples from her own journals as well as other resource books on hand.  

    • Mary
    • August 1, 2014

    Roz, I would like to take one of your classes but Arkansas is too far from Minnesota. You are an excellent teacher. I just finished watching your lessons at Sketchbook Skool. You gave many great tips…loved your portion of the skool.
    Also, I just wanted to say that your entry about “Elder Care” was very informative. My two sisters and I, are entering into the phase of more supervision and care with our mother. She is almost 89.Thank you for all you do.

  1. Reply

    I wish I lived closer!!! I would just love to take one of your classes.

    • Chris
    • August 6, 2014

    Dear Roz, i already send you an email twice to tell you how sorry i am that i live in The Netherlands. It’s too far to join your classes. I think you are really the best teacher i had in years!!!!’

    Please come to the Netherlands or make an online class ????? online class Drawing Dogs with Roz……… How beautiful life can be!

  2. Reply

    I hope some day I can travel to the Netherlands. I have never been. I would love to go because it sounds wonderful from everything I’ve heard and one of my favorite (if not favorite) paintings is in a museum there. Fingers crossed I’ll get there someday to see it. And perhaps meet you.

    There may be more online classes in 2015. I was going to start taping one this weekend (written, not yet filmed) and had the worst meltdown ever of my backup system where I store video, so that project is off the table as the open window of time I had is gone while I deal with all this.

    But I’m hopeful for next year.

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