Brush Sketching on Canson Illustration Paper

August 15, 2014

140626_MonochromMale copy

Left: Direct brush sketch using light washes of Schmincke gouache on Canson Illustration Paper. Sketching from an old (1940s?) mugshot.

I've been missing watercolor and gouache during spring, so at the end of June I got out my paints and started playing around with it again in the studio. I have to be careful how far I reach because of my elbow and shoulder issues so I'm working in a rather cramped configuration, but it is so pleasant to be working with a real brush again (I love my Niji waterbrushes, but I miss real brushes).

I've written about the Canson Illustration Paper before.

Originally I said the paper was OK for watercolor washes. It's a heavenly paper for Pentel Pocket Brush Pen or other ink work. But now I find that I like it very well for quick sketches with watercolor or gouache like this. You can rework over areas and lift off a little. 

Since June I've even started to rethink my watercolor palette just before the Minnesota State Fair. I'm having trouble letting go of one of my maroons—sigh how many do you need. But they each do something different. I'll write about that when I know what I've weeded out.

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