Some Journal Play and An Update on the Wrap Up of My 2014 Fake Journal

July 18, 2014


Above: Playing around with pre-painted backgrounds in my Japanese Lined Notebook. I painted this spread with green (Golden High Flow) and Pink (Montana) markers, added some pink circles (by coating the marker lid's rim with paint and using it as a stamp, added some actual stamps, and stenciled with rubber stamp ink. The page sat for a day and then one afternoon I started playing with chicken ideas and drew this chicken on a page of lined yellow legal pad paper. I liked it so much I cut it out and slapped it on the page with UHU glue. Then I started painting this scene in gouache over the top of everything else. At that point Dick walked into the room and explained…well you can read the rest on the spread. Originally I was just going to use my comment back to him as a caption for this page, and it is that, but then I decided, years from now, or maybe days, I'll forget our conversation so I jotted it down. (Oh, and I misspelled Ian McKellen's name.)

Today's post is actually not about chickens or prepainted backgrounds or conversations with Dick.

My friend Tom, who is a photographer, shot my 2014 Fake Journal (comprised of 22 x 30 inch "pages") as a fake gallery show. I posted that earlier.

But what I didn't mention earlier is that he shot them as super-high resolution GigaPan images and if you go over to my other blog you'll now be able to read not only my wrap up for my 2014 fake journal experience, but you will be able to see the GigaPans and zoom in and see details just as if you were standing right in front of the drawings. So if that appeals to you go and check out this link now.

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