Random Thoughts: More Sketching from the Lined Japanese Journal

July 2, 2014


Above: A spread from my lined Japanese journal. Pentel Color Brush (Sepia) and the fine-tipped pigment based black Pentel Colorbrush Pen. (This is NOT a portrait of the poet Henry Lawson.)

This is another sketch from when I was ill. Unable to go out and about I sketched a lot of actors and a lot of mugshots (this is an actor). While I would fill many of the pages of this journal with unrelated writing after I finished a sketch, I thought a little quote from Henry Lawson sufficient, because once I wrote it down the words brought up memories that didn't need to be written down, and the words pushed ideas from the day right out of my mind and made space for a whole new set of ideas which took me to another page, and another. (You can read the entire poem, "Wander-Light" here.)

I would tell you to sketch, even when you are ill, just because; just because it will help you pass the time; just because it will make you feel better; just because you'll have something down on paper; just because to see the splash of ink on the page will remind you that there are wonderful things afoot; just because…

But you know that already don't you?

And while I couldn't find Jack Thompson, the fabulous actor, reading "Wander-Light" I did find Thompson reading a bit of a story from Henry Lawson. You should go spend a few moments listening to this little bit—to hear the vowel sounds and the timing of Lawson, even in prose. And of course just to listen to Jack Thompson.

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    I love seeing these drawings! You are so wise. I fell off my paddleboard, hurt my left hand (dominant hand) and thought how am I going to keep drawing? I suddenly remembered I had another hand and started drawing away with that! your advice worked oh so well.

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