Buttons for the Sixth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Have Arrived

July 29, 2014


Above: This year's Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out Button. One of my chicken sketches from last year.

The Minnesota State Fair will soon be here. And that means the Sixth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out is coming too. Everyone is invited, regardless of skill level.

This year there will be two sketch out days—Saturday, August 23 and Tuesday, August 26.

Meeting times and other exciting details will be posted soon.

For now all you have to know is that you need to attend the Fair, sketch something from life, and show up at one of the meetings to share your work and collect a free button! 

It's most fun if you attend the Fair on a Sketch Out Day and join us at the meetings so you can see what everyone else is doing and share your work. If your schedule doesn't allow that know that you can send a jpg of one of your sketches done from life while at the Fair to me or Ken Avidor and we'll put it up on the Urban Sketchers Twin Cities Blog. (And I'll save you a button if any are left over after the Tuesday meeting. You can pick it up at a MCBA Journal Collective meeting.)

I'll have buttons at the Monday, August 18 meeting of the MCBA Visual Journal Collective, so if you have attended the MSFSO before you can get your button in advance.

The MCBA VIsual Journal Collective's meeting topic for August 18 is a practice sketch out. We'll be meeting at 7-9 p.m. in Gold Medal Park near the river if the weather is fair. If it's inclement weather on the day, we'll be sketching inside Open Book, and meeting in Room 203. Come and work up your comfort level if you're new to sketching in public; or practice, practice, practice if you're an old hand at public sketching.

If you are looking for sketching partners to attend the Fair with, you might find some at this meeting. Or ask on the group's Facebook page if people are looking for sketching buddies.

Whatever you do, plan to attend the August 18 meeting for practice, and the Sixth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out on August 23 and 28.  

  1. Reply

    I’m really looking forward to this! I moved here last year but I was too shy to sketch at the fair. This will be my second state fair so I feel more confident!

  2. Reply

    This is the place to be. I’m glad you’re going to join us. If you want to work on any residual shyness you should come along the the August 18 “practice” sketch out.

    • Donna
    • July 29, 2014

    Your buttons just keep getting better and cuter ( cuter=a great art term, don’t you think?)! Makes me want to come just for the CUTE button!!!

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