Catching Up and Crunching Videos

June 12, 2014


Above: Journal sketch in an larger than 8.5 x 11 inch Japanese lined journal (pages not made for wet media). Pentel Fine tipped pigment brush pen sketch with Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pen (red), Zig markers (purples and pinks), and acrylics (background). Oh, the eyes are metallic blue Lyra pencil—it was the only "eye-color" handy—he actually had brown eyes. Click on the image to view an enlargement and read all about who it was I was sketching. 

I'm still crunching videos for a large project that I'm working on—digital documentation for the MCBA Visual Journal Collective's Not-So-Blank-Page Journal Project. In fact I'm writing this and it's past my bedtime and I'm still crunching videos because I'm almost done and when you get to the end of a large project like this you just want to be done.

OK, and I had a little ice cream and Dove chocolate earlier so I'm probably high.

But you get the idea, I can't sleep, but I also can't write a logical post—because I have so much to write about, like why I'm using the lined notebooks I'm using, and the wrap up and posting of my 2014 fake journal, and, and, and…

I've been running mentally since June 1 to catch up and it's not happening. But I'm getting closer.

So there will be new things next week as part of the catch up. Maybe even tomorrow?

Oh, and yeah, the hiatus, the sort-of-hiatus, is over. It didn't really work did it? Someone (who shall remain nameless, but we all know who it is) pointed out that most of my hiatus posts were as long as my shorter regular posts. But it was an interesting idea and I might just resurrect it at another time.

Here today, in the meantime, I'm posting a sketch I just loved making—every stroke was fun. I sat up sketching after another late night of crunching videos—when I was missing the pups who recently stayed with me and Dick. I loved sketching this face because the actor had one of my main criteria for sketching—interesting hair; which in this case was of course the 18th century wig.

    • Julana
    • June 12, 2014

    Interesting, nice colors. Wonder if that’s the same John Adams we’re watching…Paul Giamatti?

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