A Little Bit of Memory Mash-Up

June 19, 2014


Above: Sketch using a fine-tipped pigmented Pentel Brush Pen, markers, and rubberstamp ink (for "painting" as well as stamping).

At the end of May I was still under the weather and still in the "minimalist" materials mode (i.e., no paint) of my 2014 fake journal.

I remember drawing faces off and on all day. The proportions weren't making likenesses, but I kept at it.

Then I stopped to chat with Dick and afterwards I did some sketching from imagination that you saw yesterday. Then I decided to have another go at faces from memory.

I picked up a pen again and did something different—I drew with the 30 mm Montana Marker first (pink), which is what I'd done earlier when making up my imaginative "canines." I created a rough outline of where the face should go, coloring the background out from there and then building up the features based on the outlined facial area I'd created—a sort of "what can you do with the least amount of line" thing. I borrowed the hair from someone I'd been sketching earlier—but with a twist of the wrist it went from a $200 haircut to…To finish I added some rubberstamp ink on the cheeks and lips. 

There is something really fun about moving the brush pen on this inexpensive, lightweight, Japanese lined-notebook paper. And it's fun to think of ways to add color without getting the paints out.

UPDATE 9:30 a.m.: So many people have written asking me about the large letter stamps I use. You can see the set I use most frequently from "words & crafts" at the end of this post for last year's fake journal. As is typical for me, I bought this set (and some even larger letter sets) at Wet Paint in St. Paul. I use Brilliance Rubberstamp inks which I can't find locally now that Paper Depot has closed. I buy them mail order from Marco Paper. (Hold the "choose a color" bar down and all the colors will pop up. Pearlescent colors are difficult to show on the computer in a swatch. I'm using their Rocket Red here which is a "flat" non-pearlescent color. When you use a pearlescent color it looks really cool in person, but a quick photo or a scan may cause a lot of reflective issues and the stamping then might look a little pale, like the light colored stamping in this sketch of my doggie muse Sophia Grace you can see by clicking this link . But the Pearlescent colors are still a ton of fun. Oh, and if it matters to you, I use the Brilliance Graphite Black for stamping my carvings and it's a crisp, dense black (pigmented). It dries very quickly, and if I want to add color to a print I can paint over it with watercolors—no problem.

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