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May 19, 2014

140429_A_PeterDavisonLeft: Sketch of actor Peter Davison in "The Last Detective" using a Pilot Lettering pen in a lined Japanese notebook.

Let's start with the "other news." Something wonderful happened at the end of April. After almost 30 days of drawing only with the brush pen (Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and some of the other Pentel Brush Pens) I picked up a thinner fiber-tipped pen again and began adjusting. That's one of the first sketches I did with such a pen, at the start of this post. Normally I'd have spent time moving from one pen type to another in any given month. But my focus in April was on my fake journal, and that was all brush work.

It has been delicious since the end of April to pick up my other pens and play with them. And I'll have much more to say about that on another day. Today, however, I just want to point out that this week, May 19 through 25, I am not only on Hiatus at Roz Wound Up (as I have been for several weeks now with my "compendium" revisitation posts), but I won't be posting here at all.

Instead I will be posting over at the Official International Fake Journal Blog, because it is wrap up time. Participants finished their journals on April 30. After letting the dust settle several participants have written in to tell me what the experience was like for them and to show some of their work (if they haven't already been posting it publicly).

It's sort of an online art show.

On the Official International Fake Journal Blog you can go to the topic list and select "2014 Wrap Up" and all the wrap up posts will appear in a group, most recent down to first posted.

I encourage you to go over to the other blog this week to see what people did in April! Creativity was just bursting out.

I still need to get my 22 x 30 inch "journal pages" shot. I am hoping to do that in the next two weeks. At which time I'll put up my wrap up of my 2014 fake journal. 

In the meantime I hope you'll stop by to see the posted wrap ups and also stop by the dedicated websites that some of the artists have put up. Their names and links can be found in the side column of that blog in a list called "2014 INTERNATIONAL FAKE JOURNAL MONTH PARTICIPANTS WHO ARE PUBLICLY POSTING THEIR PAGES." I know they would to have you stop by.

For me this has been a particularly interesting year because participants embraced the "No Explanations" motto for this year. Of course some of the artists chose to explain when writing wrap ups, because that is of course the nature of a wrap up. But there is more than a little mystery retained.

I'll be back here on Sunday or Monday with another post, perhaps still on hiatus—I have a number of topics I still want to revisit. I have also taken an unexpected turn in my own "real" journal, and made some fun discoveries which I'll be sharing in the coming weeks. Some of those discoveries involve the thinner fiber-tipped pen. 

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