Another Reason to Shop at Your Local Independent Art Supply Store: Gelli Arts Printing Plate Sets at Wet Paint

April 19, 2014

I think independent art supply stores are just brighter than the big chain stores, and responsive to their customers needs, sometimes perhaps before the customer even recognizes a need.

I was over at Wet Paint today and I saw that they have made up a Gelli Arts Printing Plate Printing Set in a box—everything you need to get started with Gelli Arts Printing.

If you've been putting off getting a Gelli Arts Printing Plate to make your own lovely monoprints you might want to take the plunge now.

As you'll see if you go to the link the set includes a 6 x 6 inch Gelli Arts Printing Plate, six one-ounce tubes of Golden Open Acrylic paint, a brayer, a contour tool, a stencil, and 12 sheets of paper—Black Canson Mi Teintes, Zerkall Frankfurt Cream, and Thai Mulberry. 

All for $39.95.

I've printed using my 8 x 10 inch Gelli Arts Printing Plate on those 3 papers and they are all excellent choices that will give you a chance for easy printing and great results.

I wish they'd had these last year because I put all these things together for a young artist friend as a birthday gift and spent a good deal more.

Now you've got all the ease of giving a gift without the hassles of rounding up the supplies.

If you would like to know more about what I've enjoyed doing with the "Gelli Arts Printing Plate" look for that phrase in my category list in the right hand column. Click on it and you'll find a whole bunch of posts and examples.

For me this set is just another example of why it's so fun to shop at Wet Paint. 

I didn't pick up one of these sets today because I'm set up for GAPP printing. But I thought those of you who were still on the fence about this product might like to hear about this set.

While I was at Wet Paint I did pick up another new product: The Hand•book Paper Company's new field watercolor journal. It's an 8 x 8 inch wirebound journal with hard, thick, lovely forest green covers. It's filled with 140 lb. Fluid Hot Press Watercolor paper.

If you search Fluid Hot Press Watercolor paper in this blog's search engine you'll come up with 4 or more posts about it. I used the 8 x 8 inch pads of this paper for my 2013 Minnesota State Fair Journal and it worked out quite well because the paper is so very smooth that sketching on it (I mostly used the Faber-Castell Pitt Artist's Calligraphy Pen) and painting on it went quite well.

For that type of sketching work I'm quite fond of the paper. For full-up, complete coverage, large washes everywhere type of work I don't recommend the paper because it shows a "pattern" with that type of use. Yes hot press paper can show a pattern. You can read about it in my posts, and I even have an image to show you what I mean. But if you're going to make sketches with lots of open area and you aren't into glazing perfectly smooth washes then you might enjoy this paper.

I got the journal because I like the size of the book. It's 24 pages and cost $20.99. It didn't arrive in time for International Fake Journal Month (and as you know if you're following my other blog my 2014 fake journal went in a totally different direction) but I'll have this journal on hand to take to the zoo, or or a short road trip. Since I'm familiar with the paper I'll know the right time to get it out.

(These notesbooks are also available with Fluid 140 lb. Cold Press watercolor paper or with drawing paper, and in different sizes, but I only have eyes for 8 x 8 inches.)

I also picked up some new dip pen nibs. I got the Brause Zeichenfedern Nr. 66 which was labeled "très souple" or highly elastic. And in moments one of the staff and I were taking one out of the box and I was trying it and I can't wait to use it, sumptious lines, exquisite lines. (The box of 3 nibs costs $7. The box is WAY over designed and bulky, but I suppose it ensures that the nibs arrive to the artist in tip top condition. And now I have an overnight suitcase with a clear top for my Barbie Doll—just saying.)

Anyway, that was my big getting out of the house adventure for the day. I met two friends for breakfast at the Buttered Tin (downtown St. Paul—Best God Damn Egg Sandwich is a MUST) and then stopped at WP on the way home. I've been stuck inside for 3 weeks and it was good to get out even for a little while.

Now I have to finish my fake journal page for today! And when I get that done I have to get some ink on one of those Zeichenfedern Nr. 66 nibs! (Ziller Glossy Black Acrylic Ink—I already had that.)

(Disclaimer: I'm not connected to Wet Paint in any way, except I am a really happy customer and I believe it's important that we support our local independent art supply stores so that they can continue to bring us great supplies and provide helpful and knowledgeable staff.)

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