An Amazing Watercolor Painting Demo—Herman Pekel, Joseph Zbukvic, and Alvaro Castagnet

April 23, 2014

Yesterday I couldn't get on my blog so I poked around on Google+ for a short while. I found that the Singapore Urban Sketchers had published a book of their drawings. While I was poking around to find out where to get one I found this great video on Parka Blogs. It's about 24 minutes and you MUST watch it.

Watercolorists Herman Pekel, Joseph Zbukvic and Alvaro Castagnet collaborate and paint a view of the Flinders Street Station in Melbourne, Australia—all at once, working on the same large paper.

It's hilariously fun and engaging, but because these three are all master watercolor artists and all superb teachers you will learn a lot. 

Seriously, it made my day yesterday. It made me miss Melbourne. And it made me want to paint, right away! Which is always a good thing.

So go watch the video and be inspired by three watercolor artists who are at the top of their game.

    • Pat Wafer, Madison Wi
    • April 23, 2014

    Thanks, Roz – that was so much fun! I had a brief visit in Minneapolis last weekend and really enjoyed the Matisse show. He made those line drawings look so much easier than they really are.

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    Pat, sorry I couldn’t answer you right away. I could see your comment in my account, but not on the website (as Typepad hadn’t put that back together yet after they were cyber attacked). Things all seem to be working again. I feel badly for the folks at Typepad having to fight against it.

    So glad you enjoyed the video.

    I have been ill since March 30 so I haven’t seen the Matisse exhibit. Everyone says it is great. I hope I can get there before it leaves in May!

    I was looking for something to send a young artist friend who works in cut paper and I found this very short video of Matisse working that you might want to check out, it’s only 47 seconds.

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    Wow! what a great video that was. Thank you for sharing it. I am leaving now to go paint!

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    Ohhh, that was so fun! Amazing how the three of them could finish such a cohesive artwork! thank you for sharing!!!

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    Claudia, glad you enjoyed the film and hope you got a lot of painting done!

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    Ullam, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think what was fun about the film in part for me was that they all clearly understood the fundamentals of design and color and had a clear sense of how these things impact a painting and that allowed them to negotiate to a cohesive work. This is something that all artists need to do in their own work by essentially having this discussion alone, so it is fun to see these three carry it out verbally.

    • Anna
    • May 3, 2014

    Wow, thanks for sharing. I love their typically Aussie irreverence! One thing that puzzles me is they say that you should keep working on a colour while it’s wet, until you’re happy with it – “never say die until it’s dry” -and ” once it’s dry, you’re buggered”! I don’t understand how this fits in with ‘glazing’ – which I understood to be putting a transparent layer over dry paint to change or deepen the colour.

    I appreciate you’re on hiatus and busy with Sketchbook Skool (hi from over there!) so I understand if you don’t answer this. But I thought I’d ask anyway.

    Thanks so much for all your help

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    Anna, there are all sorts of approaches to watercolor painting and these three guys use them all. Glazing is the placement of one wet color on top of an earlier DRY layer.

    However most watercolorists, myself included also use wet in wet techniques and that’s what these three were referring to there.

    Any basic watercolor book will expose you to all these techniques. A really good watercolor book that will also expose you to color theory is Jeanne Dobie (spelling might be off) “Making Watercolor Sing.”

    David Dewy, “The Watercolor Book” also deals with all the different approaches.

    But there are tons of other books that do. You’ll find a bunch in the library.

    Get back to sketching!

    • Carole Jurack
    • May 10, 2014

    Fabulous video! The Amigos are wonderful and masterful. Loved the way they were so free in their techniques and how they shared and spoofed! Masterpiece came out of it! Thanks for posting. What a learning experience!!!

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    I think they are three great characters as well as master watercolorists and if I were in Australia and I’d try to get classes with them all. The video made me happy!

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