I Was Interviewed About International Fake Journal Month…

March 27, 2014

If you've been reading this blog any spring since I started in the fall of 2008 you'll know that every April is International Fake Journal Month. I have a separate blog to celebrate this: the Official International Fake Journal Blog.

At that blog I post tips and instructions for fake journaling and for participating in the month-long yearly celebration.

Now Ricë Freeman-Zachery has written a marvelous post:  "What Exactly is International Fake Journal Month, Anyway?" over at "create mixed media."

If you've never kept a fake journal or you've been wondering what I go on about every April, or you've been to the site and there are so many past posts to read that you feel overwhelmed but still want to participate, go check it out. Ricë asked questions about how I got into fake journaling, how I made it into a celebration, and she also writes about some of the particulars for participating.

It's a wonderful introduction to IFJM and I couldn't be happier to see the word being spread so clearly and thoroughly. (This is the first post in a series by Ricë so be sure to check back at "create mixed media" which of course you're doing anyway because Ricë writes about creativity and interviews artists there all the time—getting them to talk about their process so you can be inspired.)

If you would like to find past posts about International Fake Journal Month on Roz Wound Up, you can use the category IFJM or the search engine.

  1. Thank you. I have been battling a blockage and wrote something about it on FB the other day, asking for help from the likes of Patti Digh, Rice, Marianne Kirby and others, who had some pretty good suggestions, but this might be my “out.” Why DON’T I pretend I’m someone else, and work a journal for a month? Why not indeed!

  2. Reply

    Suzanne, after I wrote the first reply to your message and found several other notes in my in box I used my note to you as a basis for a new post on this topic over on the other blog. I added a bunch of other points that may be helpful to you and you can read it all here

    I hope you have a great April.

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