Help Roz with Her 2014 IFJM Project

March 23, 2014

That's right, I need help with my 2014 International Fake Journal Month project.

Update April 3, 2014: As of today I have more than enough selfies and live models to complete this project. Please don't take time to send me a selfie. I appreciate the wonderful efforts everyone who sent one in made and look forward to usings as many of them as possible through April. Thank you so much for your help. I'll post information on viewing the resultant sketches both here and on the Official International Fake Journal Blog when it's all worked out. Thanks.

In spite of a heavy work load, pressing family commitments, and some work-related travel, I've decided to go ahead with my 2014 fake journal when April 1 rolls around.

However, I've had to think hard about making the project manageable.

It remains to be seen if I've been entirely successful in that regard.

One thing I know is that I want to sketch a lot of portraits as part of this project, and while there are some patient sorts living in the Cities who'll probably agree to sit for me there are going to be a lot of days when I am going to be without a model.

If you would like to help me with my 2014 IFJM project I need you to email me a selfie-jpg from which I can sketch. And the sooner the better so I have options right away on April 1.

Conditions of the Project

1. By sending me your photo you're acknowledging that you own the copyright to the photo. (Please do not send portrait studio photos, the copyright of which is owned by the photographer.)

2. If you send photos taken by another family member (not strictly a selfie, but maybe you couldn't get the angle you wanted), you're acknowledging that it's provided to me as drawing reference with the agreement of the photographer who understands item 3 under "Conditions."

3. By sending the image you're agreeing to allow me to use it anyway I want, and do whatever I want with the resultant artwork. (I don't know what I may do with them beyond posting them on my IFJM blog—use them as illustrations, prints, or do nothing with them. But I will own clear copyright to the originals.)

4. You understand that the resultant drawing may look absolutely nothing like you.

5. I will not do anything pornographic with your image. Your name will not appear anywhere in the artwork.

6. Your head may be placed on a body totally unrecognizable in this universe.

7. There may be text next to my sketch from your image representing my "character's" journaling. This text may contain profanity or whatever nonsense comes out of the character's mind. It will have nothing to do with you; and you'll have no input other than supplying the photo.

What to Send

1. A photographic (no illustrations, collages, or digital renderings) image of you created as a selfie or shot for you by someone as stated in item 2 under "Conditions of the Project" above. The image can be either black and white or color.

2. The photo should not be altered in any way—e.g. don't apply filters to stretch, distort, posterize, or otherwise manipulate the image.

3. The focus of the photograph should be your head, ideally with some neck a little bit of your shoulders—but the main focus of the image should be your face and its expression.

4. The email accompanying the jpg should state that

"I agree to the conditions of the project set forth in the March 23, 2014 post on Roz Wound Up about Roz Stendahl's 2014 IFJM Project. I'm providing the the attached photo for use in that project and have the right to do so. She will own copyright to the artwork she creates from my photo."

5. Your email should end with your complete name for my record keeping process. (If your photo is used during April you'll be contacted for a postal address.)

6. Address the email to me at, with the subject line: IMAGE FOR 2014 IFJM

7. The JPG's FILE NAME must be YOUR NAME, to help me with record keeping and contacting you. 

8. Ideally the image you send will be as high res as possible, so that I can blow it up and use it for drawing reference. The following are guidelines:

8.5 x 11 inches
2520 x 3281 pixels
300 dpi

A jpg of that size, saved as a medium to high quality jpg would result in a file that is around 5.8 MB. If your internet connection has trouble with files of that size you can save it at lesser quality or a smaller file size, but the above is optimum.

9. Portraits with unusual facial expressions will be more likely to be selected. Show happiness (with laughter or a broad or goofy smile), anger, fear, concern, compassion, surprise, etc.—Ham it up!

10. Use any sort of lighting you want to cast dramatic shadows or not. Play with the angle you shoot at so that I have to worry about things like foreshortening.

11. While a marvelously creative expression will cause me to select a portrait shot straight-on full-face, keep in mind it's more interesting to me to sketch a three-quarter view where the face is turned slightly to one side, with both eyes still visible.

12. To confuse matters even more, know that I love to sketch profiles too.

13. People with interesting ears, noses, and hairdos have a greater chance of being selected. 

14. I tend to prefer drawing people without eye glasses. If you meet the criteria in item 9 I'll perhaps overlook the fact you're wearing glasses and select your photo for a reference. If you have a particularly interesting facial expression I probably will also overlook the glasses. You could also just take the selfie without your glasses on.

15. Don't wear a hat.

16. Photos can be sent to me until April 30, 2014,
but obviously the earlier you send a photo the higher the likelihood it will be used. My final day of sketching will be April 30, 2014.

What You'll Get if I Use Your Photo

1. An archival print of the finished art (on 8.5 x 11 inch paper) will be sent to you in via U.S. mail as my thank you. (I'll email everyone involved at the end of the month to ask for postal addresses.)

2. The original artwork for these portraits will probably be large. They will have to be shot not scanned. This will take some time to arrange, so prints will not be available until the end of May 2014 or perhaps later. (if your image was used in the project you'll be sent an email with an expected schedule at the end of April when my sketching project has ended.)

Thank You

I hope you'll take a moment to help me out. I think that this year's IFJM project will either drive me crazy or save my sanity. You can be a part of that! I look forward to seeing your selfies!

    • Leslie Schramm
    • March 23, 2014

    Will send one. My head is however, already on a body unrecognisable in this universe.

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