A “Roz Wound Up” Hiatus—Sort of…

March 21, 2014


Above: Parallel Pen sketch in a softbound 5.5 x 8 inch (approx.) Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Paper journal.  

Since starting the blog in October 2008 I’ve written over 1,700 posts. (Since most of those posts stretch to over 1,500 words all I can say is, “thank you dedicated readers for letting me go on.”)

I find that family and work obligations require I take a bit of a blog hiatus. I love writing for the blog. I see it as an extension of my earlier life as an avid letter writer—only it’s much less painful for my correspondents; you get to read without responding.

However, when I started the blog I promised myself that it would not interfere with my painting. Due to other fixed commitments it’s in danger of doing just that.

Starting today and through March and April (and perhaps into May), I will still be posting new IMAGES on Roz Wound Up approximately 2-3 times a week, but instead of writing about those images I will refer you to one of my favorite posts from the past.  (That will give new readers a chance to catch up.)

For most of the hiatus posts the image and the recommended post will probably have nothing to do with each other. That’s why it’s only sort of a hiatus: several posts a week, new images, and text redux. 

The posts I will provide links to will be my favorite posts, and probably cover topics that I'm thinking about at the moment again, even if I'm not sketching related items.

I am taking this approach so that I can stay in touch with you all and let you know what I’m up to. But I really do need to save time to paint. 

In March you will find a few new posts over at the Official International Fake Journal Blog as I rev up for this year’s April celebration. (I hope you join in!) (The first such post went up on March 3.)

Then sometime in April, as scanning time allows, I’ll start posting my 2014 Fake Journal on that blog as well. (I haven't yet decided what form my fake journal will take this year, but any notes on media and experimentation will appear on the Official International Fake Journal Blog. I encourage you to come and visit me there to see what's going on.

Also in April I will be teaching in Semester 1 of Sketchbook Skool. This is an exciting on-line teaching experience I'm thrilled to be a part of and I hope you’ll consider joining in that adventure as well. 

On Saturday, May 17, I'll be teaching an all-day workshop at MCBA. We'll be making three three-signature soft-covered journals with a decorative rope stitch on the spine. These journals are perfect for travel or special occasions (such as International Fake Journal Month…just saying). This class features a different stitch and cover treatment from my last soft-covered journal class. By making three books students will have an opportunity to work through the process with me as I work. Then students will repeat the process two additional times to perfect their skills, work at their own pace, and of course ask questions and receive help as needed. I think it's an excellent way to set skills in the mind and the hands—taking away three nifty journals suitable for visual journaling is of course the best reward.

In the fall I hope to be holding in-person journaling classes at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I'll post more as the details are worked out. I would love to see you at any of my in-person classes if you are in the Twin Cities area.

Throughout this "sort of" hiatus I’ll continue to check comments at Roz Wound Up at least once a week. Thanks for continuing to check in. You never know, there just might be a quiz…

Keep sketching!

    • March 21, 2014

    As a long time devotee of your postings, I want to say thank you for sharing your life, your art, your teaching, your ukulele desires and your love of the state fair with us. Get back to painting. I can now figure out a few Project Fridays on my own.

    • Debra
    • March 21, 2014

    Ok, Roz, I wish you the best during this break. But, it’s great to know you will be checking in. I would love to take the in-person course, too bad I’m in MD. You are inspiring and have motivated me immensely to get back to work. All my best.

    • Tina
    • March 22, 2014

    I am looking forward to having you lead me through old posts, which I’m sure I’ve missed since I’ve only been reading your blog for the past couple years or so. I’m glad to hear that you are refocusing on what’s important. Keep painting, and I’ll keep reading! We both win.

    – Tina

  1. Reply

    Carol, thanks for the kind note. I am grateful you’ve been reading this long. It has been fun to hear from you now and then and to know you share my love of ukuleles and birds (we know which is most important!) I am hoping to pick up some brushes tonight and attack some paper. I’ve been working only with the brush pen and sketching for so many weeks it will be a bit odd. (Hint, Monday’s post is actually a project revisiting so if you haven’t done it you’ll have another excuse to try it.)

  2. Reply

    Gwen, thanks for the kind works. It was fun to see your demo and I enjoyed talking with you afterwards with Karen and Marsha. The bossy pants in me still wants you to do something commercial with those patterns! See you soon.

  3. Reply

    Thanks Debra. I’m sorry you’re so far away, but I hope looking at some of the past posts I point out in the future weeks will help inspire you to new work!

    And if you’re up for an online class there’s Sketchbook Skool! I’m the instructor for week 5 and I talk and demonstrate animal sketching. 5 other great teachers! It might tide you over.

  4. Reply

    Thanks Tina, I like your attitude. I hope you’ll enjoy some of my favorites from the past! Thanks for reading! You keep painting too!

    • Jan Lundgren
    • March 24, 2014

    Hi Roz. Your art and dedication to cycling are inspirational to me. Although I’ll miss hearing about your daily activities on a regular basis, I applaud your decision to dedicate more time to painting …and, I’m over-the-moon excited about being able to take a course with you through Sketchbook School! Yay! Enjoy your blogging hiatus Roz.

  5. Reply

    Jan, my dedication to cycling is totally self-serving. 1. it’s fun; and 2. If I don’t cycle my knees don’t work, if I cycle my knees work. I want my knees to work. It’s simple. It’s a very basic carrot and stick approach!

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog so far and hope you’ll continue checking in to see what I’m sketching and catch up on past posts.

    I’m so glad you’re going to be in Sketchbook Skool. I’ve been able to see some of the videos from the other instructors and they are fabulous. You’re going to love it.

  6. Reply

    Enjoy your hiatus and thanks so much for an informative and addictive blog! We met during Skool last semester and it sure was fun.
    What are parallel pens? Are you simply holding two at the same time to draw one line?

  7. Reply

    Kay, the hiatus was last year. It turned out to not be much of one because I couldn’t stop writing.

    Parallel Pens are a special nib pen. The nib is straight and flat and you use it a special way for calligraphy.

    I use it for drawing instead, because of the interesting line quality it achieves.

    You can see them here

    keep sketching.

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