How to Avoid Going Stir Crazy When You’re Snowed In

February 10, 2014


Above and below: Two page spreads from my 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia Journal. Click on either image to view an enlargement.

In December I was trying to fill up the in-studio journal before the end of the month (and year) so I made some quick sketches from TV of an actor in different poses.

Now, with even more cold weather endured, and more inches of snow on the ground, I can clearly see that I've been going a little stir crazy this winter. I haven't been able to get to the zoo as frequently as I usually do—some days I've been snowed in.

In December I was just getting back my ability to grasp the brush pen for longer periods of control. Picking up the brush pen, in this case the fine-tipped pigment ink brush pen from Pentel, allowed me to be a little less frantic about not getting paints out.


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