MCBA Visual Journal Collective Portrait Party Tonight

January 20, 2014

UPDATE: I realized today (Jan. 21, 2014) that the title of this post might be confusing to people who don't read the dateline on the post. This party was January 20, 2014. Typically I try to get the date in the post to remind people, but didn't remember to do that this time. So, the party's over. It was fantastic. People sketched amazing portraits, and laughed, and bound a book of the portraits, and Suzanne Hughes got us all finished in record time. If you didn't come, you should think about it for next year. It's the most amazing thing to create content and a book in a couple hours. 

Don't forget tonight is the 6th MCBA Visual Journal Collective Portrait Party. Everyone sketches a partner who then sketches them. All the sketches are then put together on one master so that partner's sketches face each other on a spread. Next the master is photocopied, pages are collated, and everyone binds a copy of the book to take come.

What could be more fun than that?

RIght, pretty much nothing.

SO I'll see you there, at 7 p.m. sharp (we jump right in; the meeting goes to 9:30).

You can find all the details on the blog of Suzanne Hughes (coordinator of the group). 

Normally our meetings are free, but for this meeting there's a $5 (cash or check) fee to offset paper and supply costs.

Skill level is immaterial—all you need is a desire to try and a sense of fun.

Get out, forget about the cold weather we've been having and get some sketching in!


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