Fabric-Arts, Quilting, and Jewelry Books at a Discount

January 5, 2014

To my local friends and members of the local arts groups I belong to:

I didn't know how else to reach you all quickly and figured a blog post would work the best.

With Dick's help I have been clearing out my backroom shelves. It's where I keep books for projects that are over, or projects that I hoped to do but never got around to do. There are some shelves of fabric arts/quilting/embroidery/wiring/jewelry books that I'm letting go.

I've debated for a long while. I thought I might save these until my niece grew up and discovered her "crafty" side, but it's clear now that isn't going to happen and I'm not going to be "that" aunt.

I need the space.

If you are local and know me through friendship or membership in an arts group I belong to and you want any of these books on the list below let me know and I'll hold them for you to pick up on Saturday.

You'll need to send me an email, and you'll have to agree to pick them up on Saturday January 11 from noon to 5 p.m. (Otherwise I'm just still storing them and I'm not interested in that.)

All these books are in excellent, near mint condition. I'm selling them all for $10 a piece. 

I would have published this list earlier, but I needed help to get them down and out and had to wait until Dick could help.

They are going away for library donation on Tuesday, January 7 so I must hear from you by Midnight on Monday, January 6. 

That means you have the rest of today and all day tomorrow to think about this and look up the titles on the internet. Please don't write to me for additional details. I'm posting generally about this because I don't have time to go through lots of requests etc. They are as I have written, in excellent condition.

If you know they sell for a gazillion dollars on Amazon and you don't think I should sell them for $10 make me a slightly better offer and then pick them up and sell them for a profit for yourself. I haven't got the time to put them up on the internet and carry them to the post office etc.

If you are not local, of if you're local but a stranger to me (i.e., not a friend or member of an arts group I belong to) I'm sorry. I have to make this as simple as possible for myself. And I'm not going to mess with mailing any of these or working out postage—I just can't carry stuff to the post office).  

Here are the books that I am culling from my shelves. (Check back later today for possible updates which I'll add at the bottom of the list under a heading "Updates"—in fact I might add more on Monday morning.)

(Forgive the typos, I'm working fast and have three fingers with Band-Aids on them—long story.)

Dyes and Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Paint—Elin Nobel

Work in Fabric and Thread —Diedre Scherer 

Silk Painting: The artist’s guide to gutta and was resist techniques—Susan Louise Moyer

Take Silk—Judith Pinnell

Fiberarts Design Book 7—ed. Susan Mowery Kieffer

Handmade Silk Paper—Kath Russon

Three Dimensional Embroidery—Janet Edmonds

Machine Embroidery Stitch Techniques—Valerie Campbell-Harding and Pamela Watts

Edges and Finishes in Machine Embroidery—Valerie Campbell-Harding

The Machine Embroidery Handbook—Designing Fabrics with Stitching, Manipulation and Color—DH Bennet 

Silk Paper Creations for the Fibre Artist—Judith Pinnell

Surfaces for Stitch: Plastics, Films and Fabric—Gwen Hedley

Paper, Metal, and Stitch: Creating Surfaces with Color and Texture—Maggie Grey and Jane Wild

Layers of Stitch: Contemporary Machine Embroidery—Valerie Campbell-Harding and Maggie Gre 

The Singer Quilting Bible

Bead Creative Art Quilts—Nancy Eha

Quilters Playtime: Games with Fabrics: Dianne S. Hire

Fiber-Wire Beads and Jewelry—Lisa Vann

Beading Necklaces with Ani Afshar

Making Beautiful Beads: Glass, Metal, Polymer Clay, Fiber—ed. Suzanne J.E. Tourtillott

Making Wire Jewelry: 60 Easy Projects in Silver, Copper, and Brass—Helen Clegg and Mary Larom

Spotlight on Wire: Twist, fold, Hammer, Weave, Wrap—Melissa Cable

Exquisite Beaded Jewelry: Use Basic Techniques to create Distinctive Designs—Linda S. Musante

Bead Fantasies IV—Takako Samejima (Not for beginning beaders the directions for these techniques may be difficult for new beaders to decipher.)

The following are more like pamphlets or are small books that only sold for $16 originally and you can have these for $5 a piece:

Fifty Fabulous Beads: Easy to Make with Polymer Clay—Marie Segal

Beaded Crochet Ropes—Judith Bertoglio-Griffin

Simply Soldered: Jelry, Frames, Boxes, Accents and More—Carrie Edelmann Avery (Design Originals)

Jewelry with Wire—Suzanne McNeill (Design Originals)

Beadwork Creates Beaded Bags: 30 Designs—ed. Jean Campbell (these are amulet/necklace style bags in a variety of beading and other techniques like crochet)  


These are for $10 each again

Bead Crochet Jewelry: Tips, Tools, and 15 Beautiful Projects—Linda Lehman with Shelley Grant

Beaded Jewelry with Found Objects: Incorporate Anything from Buttons to Shells—Carole Rodgers

Making gifts with Rubber Stamps—Sandra McCall

Fabulous Fabric Beads—Kristal Wick

Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry—Linda Jones

Creative Wire Jewelry—Kathy Peterson

Decorative Wirework—Jane Davis

Wire Jewelry in an Afternoon—Mickey Baskett


The Art of Seed Beading—Elizabeth Gourley, Jane Davis and Ellen Talbott

The Magic of Beaded Spherical Nets: Techniques and Projects—Merry Makela

Beading: From Necklaces to Napkin Rings, 20 Easy and Creative Projects to make in a Weeken—Paige Gilchrist Blomgren

Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: An off Loom Bead Weaving Primer—Jeannette Cook and Vicki Starr

Beady Eyed Women's Guide to Exquisite Beadwork: A Peyote Stitch Primer—Vicki Starr and Jeannette Cook

$5 books:

Beaded Treasure Purses: Tubular Brick Stitch Designs—Deon DeLange

Back to Beadin': Elegant Amulet Purses and Jewlry Using Delica and Seed Beads—Barbara E Elbe

Three Dimensional Beadwork—Sigrid Wynne-Evans

I Knead to Bead: 19 Fimo Jewelry Projects —Just make, bake, and wear—Marie Segal (Hot off the Press)

Easy Millefiori Just Roll, Slice and Bake: 27 Projects using ready-made millefiori canes (No author visible, Hot off the Press booklet)

Fimo Millefiori Made Easy: 12 Jewelry Projects made easy—Marie Segal

Last Update for SUNDAY Night (check back Monday a.m. if I find more)

These are $10 books again

Material Visions: A Gallery of Miniature Art Quilts: A Somerset Studio Publication

The Ultimate Pillow Book Barbara Finwall and Nancy Javier

Waverly at home Pillows: Stylish cushions, bolsters, and accent pillows you can make (Meredith books)

Quilted Memories: Journaling, Scrapbooking, and Creating Keepsakes with Fabric—Leslie Riley

Free Lace with ribbons and machine stitching—Kazuko Araki

Photo Transfer Handbook: Jean Ray Laury

Transforming Fabric—Carolyn Dahl

Mickey Lawler's Sky Dyes: A visual guide to fabric painting

Fabric Painting: A Simple Approach—Ginny Eckley

UPDATE FOR MONDAY A.M. (typed Sunday at 11 p.m.)

$10 books 

Raising the Surface with Machine Embroidery—Maggie Grey

Free-Style Quilts: A "no Rules" Approach—Susan Carlson

$ 5 Books

Fabric Art Journals—Pam Sussman (Pristine book, but the publisher Quarry, used inferior glue and the cover literally peeled off just now when I was going through it to remind myself what was inside.)

The Beaded Bracelet II: Eight Designs with Full Color Instructions—Yvonne Rivero

Right-Angle Weave Beading—Carol Rodgers (Design Originals)

Beaded Bag-ettes: Fabulous Projects with TOHO "Treasures" Seed and Bugle Beads—Mary Harrison (Design Originals) (Mostly amulet bag type projects with some other small vessel stuff)

    • Tina
    • January 5, 2014

    Amazing to see how many books you and I have (had) in common — and I’m trying to get rid of mine, too! Now I see more of the magpie/crow in you… I used to be a bead junkie, too. Ever since I took up sketching a couple years ago, I’ve said many times that this passion takes up WAY less space than anything else I’ve ever done. Thank goodness! Good luck with your de-stashing!

    • Tina
    • January 6, 2014

    I empathize completely! I try to unload a load at least once a year, but somehow stuff keeps creeping back in. I did manage to clear one whole bookshelf off around Christmas to make room for sketchbooks yet to fill (you can see it here: ). That’s my favorite kind of cleaning.

  1. Reply

    Tina, I’m determined not to let any of this stuff creep back. Over the past 5 years I have really scaled back on the things I do so I can focus on particular projects that matter most, and I’m so far “past” most of this stuff now, that it doesn’t hurt letting it go. I’m glad to see it leave, to have it not hold my space.

    I just wish I could do this without needing someone else to hand things down to me. It would go much faster!

    Have fun filling that shelf!!!!

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