Two More Great Sketchbook Facsimiles: Mattias Adolfsson and Andrea Joseph

December 18, 2013

I love sketchbook and journal facsimiles. (You can see a list of my favorite journal and sketchbook fascimiles or compilations here.)

This fall I found two more that I really enjoy.

Andrea Joseph

Ever since I was introduced to her work through the Everyday Matters Yahoo Group I've enjoyed seeing what Andrea Joseph does with a few pens and a lot of care and patience. You can read her blog at the link attached to her name. You can read an interview with Andrea Joesph on Cult Pens (which includes her banner design for them and some other illustrations of hers).

But most importantly you can purchase Andrea's Book here on her Etsy page. The book has a French publisher so there are translations of her journal writing in French which I think is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your French skills.

The book measuring in at not quite 5 x 8 inches is shaped like a Moleskine (her sketchbook of choice) and perfect to hold and page through.

Her illustrations are realistic without being slavishly photographic. In this difference I find the charm. Shoes that she draws have weight and gesture (whether or not someone is standing in them). Fine cross hatching creates a variety of values as well as reflective or fluffy surfaces.

This is a peek into the sketchbook of an artist who loves to observe keenly, and record patiently with great control of her medium. My joy factor is high when I look through the images in this book. I recommend it.

Mattias Adolfsson

I also first heard of Mattias Adolfsson through the Everyday Matters Yahoo Group as well. Mattias Unfiltered: the Sketchbook Art of Mattias Adolfsson can be found at this link. His work blends the eccentric and imaginative. You'll see cityscapes and rooms chockful of all manner of oddities. You'll see also see lots of fantastical contraptions. The sketches do include some observational sketches of streets, buildings, and boats. The main appeal of this book, however, is the imaginative world he creates. 

This book is also shaped like a Moleskine (from which these sketches were culled) and is about 8.5 x 6 inches. My only dissatifaction with this book is that the pages often seem a bit dull. (The printing, not the content.) The color of the Moleskine paper doesn't befriend this artwork.

On his blog you'll find a link to his latest book, which I've not seen in person, but which seems to be filled with color drawings in his fantastical style. If you enjoy seeing worlds emerge on the sketchbook page you'll enjoy picking up this dizzyingly fun book.

Note: Everyday Matters Yahoo Group is the creation of author and artist Danny Gregory. Through his blog (linked to his name) you can find his Everyday Matters group on Yahoo, on Facebook, and on Flickr. You'll see into the sketchbooks of a large community of sketchers documenting their everyday observations.

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