Origami Project You Can Help Fund

December 7, 2013

The above video can be viewed at Indiegogo: White Elephant, where you can also dontate to fund the project.

I found out about this project through a group email from a paper maker at MCBA. I have always been fascinated by origami. This artist, Sipho Mabona, is taking origami to a whole other level beyond what I've been aware of. In the video you'll see him at work and you'll see some of his beautiful creations. The donation time is open for another 26 days from today, if you feel you can help out.

Check out his website at the link provided to his name. There are other videos there. See this video of the rhino unfolding. Poke around on that list and see the incredible videos he's made with Toshiba—kudos to the art director who hired him for that! There's also a video on the making of the commercial. In the video "Invisible Foes" there's a particularly moving sculpture of Polar Bears. And you can watch a fish being folded in 30 seconds! Don't miss the video on the making of an origami koi!

It's inspiring to see someone with talent and craft and vision.


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