George Pratt Sketching in Pen and Ink

December 1, 2013

The video I wrote about in this post has been removed from YouTube. I have left the rest of the post up because it contains links that you may find useful to discover other views of Pratt sketching.

My friend Thomas Winterstein, who also works in pen and ink, found this video of artist George Pratt working through a pen and ink sketch. There’s an intro by someone named “Academy Guy” that’s a bit loud, but 54 seconds in Pratt starts to work and it’s fun to watch him.

The video seems to be an edited clip from a tutorial CD by Pratt. At the end of the video there is a website to go to, but I’m a bit confused because I immediately saw other Pratt videos pop up on YouTube and they all direct you to (I went to that site and maybe my eyes are failing me but I couldn’t find where the videos were for sale. If you do maybe you could write in and explain that bit in the comments.)

In the meantime, go check out how Pratt approaches a pen and ink sketch and then poke around for other videos from him. You can also visit George Pratt’s website and read about him on his bio page. 

When I checked out his site I had trouble clicking through to certain pages as some connections seem to be broken, but give it a shot. (Maybe it’s because I have pop-ups and such blocked?)

There’s an interview of Pratt here.

If you’ve got another day off before you have to go back to work this short video will inspire you to get some sketching done today!


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    I found the videos by going to and then clicking on videos… followed that link to this page of GeorgePratt videos..

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    Thank you CaptElaine, I did manage to get to the place you sent a link for, but when I click on something I don’t get a video I get stills and I don’t see any place that says I can buy any videos. Where am I NOT looking???? Thanks.

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