Andy Sturdevant at Magers and Quinn for a Book Signing

December 3, 2013


Left: Andy Sturdevant at his Saturday, November 30, 2013 book signing at Magers and Quinn. That stack of books is his—"Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow."

Saturday my friend Linda Koutsky stopped by to pick me up for a whirlwind trip criss-crossing Minneapolis. We had a great day and saw many marvels.

You can follow Linda as the "WeekendTourist" on Twitter, and she writes a column for a local paper (I'll try to update this with a link). You'll get to hear from her all the wonderful things she discovers around town. I'm just glad I'm one of her sidekicks because then I also get to have lunch!

(Which on Saturday was brunch at The Lynn on Bryant. And it was delicious—I had the Croque Madame which in their version sports a soft fried egg on top—add to that French fries and OJ and I was in heaven! I am so going back!)

Our most important stop was at Magers and Quinn bookstore in Minneapolis where Andy Sturdevant was giving a book signing for his newly released: "Potluck Supper with Meeting to Follow." 

Linda designed the book (which is a wonderful melding of Andy's writing and drawings) for Coffee House Press. She actually brought a copy over Saturday before we started our trip and showed it to me in our meeting. (We always start with a meeting to catch up. It's like having a powerhouse clipping service.) We started with an article about chocolate chip cookies in the Twin Cities, another article about a guy who had "Truman Show delusion" (why would she show me that?); and a cool magazine with a friend's sculpture on the cover. When she showed me the book I wouldn't put it down I liked it that much. 

When we got to Magers and Quinn Linda needed to take some "work" photos. She told me to go and talk to Andy, which I actually felt badly about because I thought that kept him from talking to other people, but I found it wasn't an impediment for him at all. We had a great chat about 19th century religious movements (and he was instrumental in my purchase of a book about the same), while Linda took photos. (Haven't people noticed that I'm in a lot of her photos yet? I'm like Elmo.)

Andy's website bio explains that he's an artist, writer, and arts administrator. I've seen him host a talk show at Bryant Lake Bowl. He's chockful of info and insights and you need to catch up with him. 

In fact you can do that on Sunday, December 8, 2013 at 2 p.m. at Magers and Quinn when he hosts a walking tour of the building! It's free.  

His book would make a great holiday gift.  

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