A Small Bookstore with a Large Selection: Birchbark Books

December 5, 2013

Dharma2Left: Dharma, the shop dog at Birchbark Books.

The other day I stopped in at Birchbark Books. If you haven't stopped by recently now would be a good time to go. Besides a wonderful selection of books you'll find native arts and jewelry—all perfect for holiday gifts.

And they also have a shop dog: Dharma. What could be more wonderful?

On my visit Dharma stolled past me and hopped into the window chair to watch street traffic. Then she wandered off again. In a moment she was back to say hello. Since she sensed I wasn't in any hurry, after a few head and back pats she sprawled at my feet ready for the complete body rub. She's very soft so I happily complied. (If you poke around on their website you'll find there are several dogs; I don't know if they all come in from time to time…)

Birchbark Books' website states the store exists "to keep real conversations between book lovers alive." When you browse their shelves you quickly get a sense that the books have been chosen carefully to do just that. Books for many tastes, to create a dialog.

This independent bookstore is owned by writer Lousise Erdrich. There is a great focus in the store on Native literature.  

I suggest you take an afternoon and visit the shop to browse, select some books to buy for yourself and friends, and spend sometime with Dharma. It's a much more satisfying experience than clicking on "Amazon Prime."

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    One of the bookstores in mid coast Maine that sponsors public radio says in all its spots “dogs welcome”

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    Dean, I love hearing that!

    There’s a children’s bookstore here in town that has a resident chicken! And lots have cats, but I don’t know a lot of them that have dogs.

    Hope all is going well with you and you’re getting some stamping done!


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    So sweet. There is a shop on Orcas Island in Washington state that has a shop dog. However, I can’t remember what type of shop it was because I was too busy giving the dog a belly rub. The joy of animals!

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    Adrianne, thanks for writing in. I don’t blame you for remembering the dog and not the shop at all! It’s great to stop and have time with animals.

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    It’s great to see a store that creates that “at home” feeling for their customers. There’s no better way to capture that sense of being welcomed than having the warm, loving presence of a dog, like Dharma.

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