A Little Bit of Life Drawing

November 13, 2013

131031BrookeProfileUSELeft: Final sketch of the evening, 20 mins. I used a Pentel Color Brush to sketch directly, and then diluted the lines on the paper by running over them with a 1/2 inch filbert. Sometimes I stroked the tip of the Color Brush with the wet filbert to pick up some diluted ink I could then apply to the paper (cheek, where there are not lines to dilute). This is tons of fun and when you do that, in a rush, because you only have 20 minutes, you get little splashes of ink on your paper. (That's what all those dots behind the model are.) I was drawing on white Stonehenge (10 x 16 or so inches).

I didn't get to attend life drawing co-op on Sunday because of family obligations, but this is from the previous week. I finally got to scan it and piece it together (too big to fit on the scanner).

After two hours of short, medium, and a couple "long" poses of 25 minutes or so (which are long poses for me), you could elect to stay an additional hour and do one really long pose (which was going to be repeated at 4 other upcoming sessions). I stayed and split the time roughly in half. I had been sitting right in front of the model. For the final 20 minutes I went to sit at the far end of the room to sketch her profile.

Next time I'm able to go, if it's one of the days when there will be an hour long ending pose, I think I'll take my watercolors. That would make a fun change, and I could use the extra time for all the water drying time!

(I have a post coming up on the different Pentel Brush Pens because there are so many more now, besides just the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and the Color Brush—but I have to take some new photos. If you want to know the difference between just these two pens click on the link.)

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