Waiting for the Temperature to Rise—Quick Sketches Can Be Scheduled into Your Day

October 15, 2013

Above: The lower half of an 11 x 14 inch page in a Strathmore 500 Series Mixed Media Journal.

Yesterday I mentioned the Pentel ColorBrush with PIGMENTED INK, the gray-bodied brush pen. You can go back to yesterday's post to remind yourself. Well the ink stays water-soluable for a short while on most papers and in the bottom left corner of the image you can see a sketch I did of William Windom as Dr. Seth Hazlitt (sp?) in "Murder She Wrote." I love that you can pull a lot of different shades out of this pen. (That green mess on the right is a very weepy Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pen.)

At this time of year I get up and find the previous night's weather report has been way off. It's too cold to ride in shorts, or maybe it's raining but won't be later. I eat breakfast, start working, and then some time in the morning when I take a break I may set up a still life to sketch or watch a little TV and sketch (as I did above), just to warm up my hand/eye/brain. Then I will work on drawing projects. And finally, before it's time for lunch, I will jump into my cycling clothing and hit the road—able to wear shorts because it's warmer now.

130926_DrSethdetailLeft: a detail of the Dr. Seth portion so you can see the different layers and wet on wet, etc.

This plan also allows me to ride more days each season because I don't have to worry about the lack of light in the mornings as hours of daylight decrease. 

All in all it's a pretty good plan. But activation of this plan reminds me that I'm riding on borrowed time because soon it will be too cold (which I define as 32 degrees if it's windy; even wearing tights, my feet get cold) no matter what time of day I ride; and of course there will be ice and snow—I only ride when the roads are completely dry and clear.

Even though this drawing is partially over another drawing (the weird line down the center) I love it because it was so much fun to move the brush across the paper, stroke on the water, build up the layers. 

Maybe you don't work at home and can't just take off at lunch to ride your bike. (I'm grateful everyday believe me.) But don't tell me you  can't break up your day so you can work a little practice time in. You can. Be sure to take some notes to remind yourself what worked and what didn't, and what you want to try next. Then the next time you get to take a break do some more drawing. You'll be glad you did.

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    The lower left figure: fabulous. The sense of attitude,body posture, and atmosphere is great. Looks like this page was a blast to execute!

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    Ellen, glad you enjoyed it. I really have fun watching William Windom act. There’s a whole other part to this page that didn’t fit on the scanner. I’ve really enjoyed the 11 x 14 inch format.

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