MCBA Visual Journal Collective October 21, 2013 Meeting Reminder

October 18, 2013

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On Sunday I stepped out of the role of co-ordinator of the MCBA Visual Journaling Collective. It's been five years since I started this group. I've seen it grow into a wonderful collection of journal keepers of all types who share their work and insights.

For the past year Suzanne Hughes has been co-coordinator, helping more and more with all aspects of running this group. My attention needs to be with my family right now and I'm grateful that she has agreed to take on the role of coordinator. I can't thank everyone who's been involved enough for making this one of the most interesting and fun experiences of my life. 

I'll still be attending meetings and when Suzanne has to travel I'll be available to run a meeting, so I'm looking forward to still seeing everyone on a regular basis.

I'm particularly excited about Monday's meeting, 7 to 9 p.m., when Briana Goetzen will be coming to demonstrate the Gelli Arts Printing Plate. 

You can read a note about this event with links to Briana's site at Suzanne Hughes' Blog: Suzanne I Am.

I hope you will bookmark that blog and continue to check it for exciting news about the Collective and posts about upcoming posts. If you forget, when you go to this blog's page on the Collective you'll find a link to Suzanne's schedule page announcing the Collective's upcoming meetings.

See you all on Monday!

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