Ken Avidor’s Sketches from NAMTA 2013

October 8, 2013

The International Art Materials Association (NAMTA) Trade show was held in Minneapolis, MN this year on May 1 to 3. Ken Avidor was asked by Strathmore to attend and sketch people and scenes. Friends in Minnesota knew he had done this, but I've only just learned that the sketches he did are posted on the Strathmore blog—See Ken Avidor Sketches NAMTA 2013!

Ken is an incredible artist who is able to capture chaotic situations and distill them down into recognizable and graspable bits that create a unified image of an event. He works directly from life with a fountain pen filled with Noodler's black ink and a limited palette of colored pencils and a couple oil-based colored pencils.

He loves working on Strathmore's tan drawing paper. For the NAMTA project he worked on their tan drawing paper and their gray drawing paper. If you caught his demo at Wet Paint in February 2013 you'll know that he likes to use the toned paper because it provides him with a middle tone from which he can quickly work up for the highlights and down for the shadows. But when you watch him draw other magic happens as well: he tells a story.

You can see Ken talking at his Wet Paint demo here. (I was able to get some of it on tape.) I was also able to video tape Ken sketching at the 5th Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out. (I am a huge fan of both Ken and his talented wife Roberta Avidor, and I hope to make more videos of them sketching in the future.)

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