I Said I Wouldn’t But I Did—The DVR Made Me Do It: A New Season of Top Chef

October 14, 2013

131002_Tom_CLeft: Sketch of Chef Tom Colicchio using a pigmented black ink Pentel Color Brush—watersoluble for a little bit on most papers—in a 9 x 12 inch Fabriano Venezia Journal. (Those are spatters on the right side of the head not paper flaws.)

After the last season of "Top Chef" I told a friend I wouldn't watch it again, I actually didn't watch a season of "Top Chef Masters" because there was a sous-chef component that my friend explained to me and my eyes glazed over so I gave it a pass. It might have been great.

My DVR seems to have a mind of its own so because I've recorded "Top Chef" in the past it recorded it again. (Now why it ignored "Top Chef Masters" with the sous-chef component we'll never know, but maybe it knew something.)

Since the first episode was recorded I went ahead and watched it. I felt myself being sucked in. I really do like cooking shows. Perhaps because my own kitchen is still under construction after years of being torn up.

I don't know that I'll watch beyond episode two of this season. The descriptions of the food aren't as enticing as in past seasons. And there seems to be a lot of crying. I'm not a fan of crying.

But I am a fan of Chef Tom Colicchio so I took a moment and did a fast sketch. I'll sort out my television viewing another day.

Note: I thought I'd written about this brush pen already, but see I haven't. The wrapper for this product reads "Pentel Arts Color Brush" and then says Black Pigment Ink. The plastic barrel is gray. The cap is black (though I believe there are different brush sizes with different colored tops).

If you want this type of ink—pigmented and watersoluble—you don't want a regular Color Brush shown in this linked post which compares the Color Brush line to the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. That Color Brush has a BLACK plastic barrel and the cap is the color of the ink. Also the ink in that Color Brush is DYE and it is fugitive. Well you can read all about it at that link.

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