What Does Roz Have To Say About the Minnesota State Fair?

August 19, 2013

I'm glad you asked.


And you can read a lot of it if you go to my Minnesota State Fair Round Up page.

There you'll find links to my posts on how to prep for the Fair (what types of painting gear and such to bring) and how to train for the Fair and what to eat when you get there.

Mostly you'll find lots of posts on how to think productively and creatively about what you want to do at the Fair (i.e., what you want to sketch) so you can hit the ground running and fill those journal pages.

So go check out those instructions now.

I am looking forward to seeing ALL of you at the Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out 5 on August 27, 2013!

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    Your postings about how to prep for the fair are great, and not just about going to the fair. I’ve used your advice for each of my travels. On this current trip, I forgot my camp stool (what was I thinking?) and my hat (really!). I should have reviewed my check list before we took off. Having the right gear and supplies is priceless.

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    LizzieBo, I’m glad you have found them helpful. While I write about the Fair it’s my hope that people will see the info is useful for all sorts of travel sketching. (It’s just that at the Fair you can sketch anything from landscapes to portraits, from animals to buildings, etc.)

    Checklists are great. I always use them whether I’m going off on a trip or stacking stuff up to take to a talk or workshop.

    Habit keeps the day to day in order, but I never like to go off for a long trip without a check—to make sure I have replacement cartridges and new brush tips and such.

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