Oddities from the Archives: Dottie in an Exchange Book

August 28, 2013

Above: Page spread from an exchange journal, using custom rubberstamps I made of Dottie (there were more trust me) and a bone stamp from Levenworth Jackson, and an unmarked tiny dog footprint stamp sprinkled around. On the left-hand page is Dot's death announcement (the paw print was actually made during her life).

A couple weeks ago I was cleaning out some files on the computer and found this. I believe it's from early on in the MCBA Visual Journal Collective when we did a visual journal round robin. But it might be from something that was mailed around from person to person and made earlier, closer to her death. (The only reason I'd be working on a page related to her so long after her death would be if the topic/theme of the book was memorial in nature, or something I could cast in that direction because I was close to a deadline!

Maybe if someone sees this he/she will write in and remind me.

The other thing that's puzzling me is that there is carpet under the book. So I placed it on a floor to shoot a photo of it. But we haven't had carpet in this house since before we got the girls! (And there isn't carpeting at MCBA.)

For people who don't know, Dottie's full name was Dorothy (actually her full name was Black Ice's Spellbreaker, as in Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz"). And of course that quickly shortened to Dottie, Dot, Dotster, and a dozen other endearments that frankly would embarrass me to tell you because really, I am immune to cute. Seriously. I really am.

Why "Smudge"? Which was probably our favorite nickname for her…Well what is a smudge after all, but a dirty dot!

Born on August 21, 1990, she was tracking before the snow hit the ground. She liked everyone. She loved a few people. She had a great heart and never quit on me. Though she always managed to find a dead fish (seriously in the middle of a landlocked field) to roll in; now you begin to see the origins of her name.

I don't often get nostalgic. There's too much going on in the right now. But when I found this image I had to smile, remembering Dottie, popping out into the world 23 years ago, tracking down her breeder's hall, frog kicking into the box of dog biscuits she found. Emma knew she was the one and ignored the others. "This one," Emma said with her eyes, "we can work with this one." 

Dottie was always ready for adventure. 

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    so touching…beautiful dog.

    • Karen
    • August 28, 2013

    What a great synchronicity: see Julie Zickafoose’s essay on her dog Chet Baker today

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    Karen, thanks for sending this link. I didn’t know Julie Zickafoose and what a wonderful introduction. She totally gets it. AND she has a Boston Terrier! How fun.

    It reminded me of all the fun afternoons I sat in the yard working with Dot and Em lying in the grass smelling the air just like this.

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    Thanks Ellen. She was a very beautiful dog. But cute too.

    • Connie
    • September 10, 2013

    Hi Roz-I found your blog sometime last year when I was searching for watercolors of chickens. I have enjoyed looking at your journal pages and hope to someday start one. Anyway, I happened to read this blog post and it was from October 8, 2009-“Day of the Dead” themed book. You may have remembered by now, but I thought I would tell you I happened to have read it and also let you know how much I have enjoyed looking at your art work.

  4. Reply

    Thank you Connie!!!!!! No I didn’t find that post. EEEE. I’m embarrassed that I’ve posted an image twice but I guess my memory can’t keep them all straight. I will go read that post now. Thank you for realizing this and sending me a note!I appreciate it.

    Also I hope you do jump in and start a visual journal. The practice has given me many happy hours. I’m sure you would enjoy it.

    Thanks for reading.

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