The Fifth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out—Buttons Are Here

July 30, 2013


Above: The button for the fifth Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out (also known as MSFSO5). These lovely buttons were designed this year by artist Suzanne Hughes. She used one of her sheep sketches from what else—a previous visit to the Minnesota State Fair.

Yep, it's that time again—time to get ready for the Minnesota State Fair and the MSFSO5!!!

Suzanne Hughes has created a wonderful button (they are 2.25 inches in diameter) for the event.

The MSFO5 is Tuesday, AUGUST 27, 2013.

(More details and a map to our 4:30 p.m. meeting place will follow.)

Buttons will be given free to participants (while supplies last).

How do you get a button?

1. If you have participated before and are going to the sketch out, ask me when you see me. I'll give you one (I know you'll sketch at the Fair). Or show up at the sketch out meeting on August 27 at the Fairgrounds and get one then when you are enjoying seeing what others have been sketching as well as showing us your sketches. (I'll have buttons at the August 19th  MCBA Visual Journal Collective meeting for past participants who are repeating.)

2. Show up at the Fair on Tuesday, August 27. Then find me (probably sketching in the barns) before the meeting, or at the 4:30 meetingshow me your life sketches of the Fair. I'll take photos for the UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities blog and I'll reward you with a button.

3. If you miss connecting with us at the Fair just draw something at the Fair FROM LIFE. Then send me a jpeg at rozjournalrat at gmail dot com by Tuesday, September 3, 10 p.m. (That's one day after the Fair ends, so that gives you time to go back to work the next day, go home and scan your images that night.)

Drawings will be posted on UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities (and I'll put a bunch of links around elsewhere too). I want people to see how fun it is to sketch at the Fair—all the great things to see. And I always enjoy seeing everyone's individual take on the Fair.

Once I get your jpeg I'll save a button for you (while supplies last). So if you go to the Fair before our sketch out, please send your jpeg in as soon as you can.You'll be first in line for buttons after everyone who attends in person.

I'll email you to let you know if there are buttons available after the meeting. If there are you can pick up the button at any of the Collective meetings. (I don't mail out buttons because it's too much of a hassle to deal with addressing and packing and it costs about $3.50 to mail out a free button—you do the math.)

You cannot get a button if you don't go to the Fair and draw from life and send me images to post on UrbanSketchers—Twin Cities. (I am not bribeable. It's a button folks.) 

I could give you a whole list of reasons why sketching at the Fair will make you a better person, but you either get it or you don't. It will make you a better artist, because you'll be training your eye, hand, and brain. We all need practice. When else do you get to practice drawing and eat corn dogs!?

So get out there and sketch.

And if you are wondering how to dress, how to draw animals or people, how to pace yourself with Fair food consumption, and just in general HOW TO SKETCH AT THE FAIR check out the category "Minnesota State Fair" in the category cloud in the left-hand column of this blog. There you'll find posts about past sketch outs, past buttons, even the journals I've made for the Fair. You can scroll backwards through that category to earlier posts from 2009 or you can use the ARCHIVES (see bottom on the left-hand column) and go to August 2009 to begin reading about Minnesota State Fair Prep. Part 4 is one of my favorites—it looks at "travel" essentials for sketchers.

I started this blog in the fall of 2008 after the Fair had already passed. So 2009 was my first blogging opportunity to let everyone know how Fair-crazed I am. 

I hope you'll come out to the Fair for the Sketch Out and capture a bit of Minnesota that only lasts for 12 days a year.

A big thanks to Suzanne for creating a great button for the 2013 Minnesota State Fair Sketch Out 5!!!!!!!

(More details on the meeting will follow, as well as additional Minnesota State Fair items of interest as time permits.)

    • Tina
    • July 30, 2013

    Oh, Roz, I just have to figure out how to get to the Twin Cities at the right time next year so that I’ll be able to join you all for the fair sketchout! I’ll be there a week too early this time. I’m planning to sketch at our local fair, but I know it won’t be the same. Eat some deep-fried fruit on a stick for me.

    – Tina

  1. Reply

    I love the buttons. Makes me want to join you, but unfortunately, it’s too far of a commute from New Jersey. 🙂

  2. Reply

    I will pass your compliment on to Suzanne. The buttons are LOVELY. New Jersey is a bit of a trek. I hope you can get to a fair near you and enjoy the fun.

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