Some People Don’t Realize It Isn’t Always Cold in Minnesota…

July 26, 2013

MeltingSucker09287Left: A sucker, stuck in a kneaded eraser, atop a stand I use to hold small objects at eye level when I'm painting them. Look at how the sucker has melted.

We've been having some really hot days in the past few weeks in Minneapolis. We went through a long, cold, and snowy spring. Periodically the temperatures would spike up and I'd think OK now we are just going to move right into summer.

We would for a day or two and sometimes we even got slushy snow again, before temperatures steadily rose and stayed in the typical seasonal range. 

We use window box air conditioners as needed to cool the house. When I'm not around I turn everything off. Imagine my surprise when I sat down at my drawing table the other day during a spell of 90 degree days. I was tidying up, preparatory to working at the table—putting old projects away, filing paint tubes, storing implements. 

I looked up and my eye was caught by this solid "trickle" of orange cascading down from a sucker I'd placed on my "drawing stand." (It's a make shift device I've used for 12 years that holds small objects up in the same place, at my eye level, so I can keep referring to them from the same position as I sketch.)

There was nothing liquid about this trickle. But I think one more day of high humidity and there might have been some tubes of paint, or a journal that would have been sticky, because of where they were sitting.

I never did get to sketch this sucker. I have a little on-going project—paintings of candy, particularly suckers. Unlike other topics I actually have to be in the mood to paint suckers. Don't ask me why. Perhaps I don't want to be susceptible to eating them. (Except for Tootsie Pops I don't much care for suckers, but I I'm hungry…) I had put the sucker up and then been diverted to other work and projects. 

Deadlines forced me to just clean up the mess. I think the sucker project will be on hold until the first frost!

The other explanation of course is that Carl had a go at the sucker when I wasn't around. He does have a sweet tooth. Believe what you will.

    • Miss T
    • July 26, 2013

    Very pop art!

    Roz, what is that stand? I’ve been looking for something like that.

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