Reminder: MCBA Visual Journal Collective Meets Monday, July 15

July 9, 2013

Join us on Monday, July 15 from 7 to 9 p.m. at MCBA (Minnesota Center for Book Arts) for our annual Recommended Reading meeting!

Plan to attend and be prepared to give a short statement about three of your favorite art, art-how-to, or journal-related books. Bring your copy of the book if you have one to show while you talk. Also bring samples of your journal art showing how the books you recommended inspired your work.

We'll be video taping the meeting so that members who are absent, as well as others in the larger journaling community can benefit from your recommendations.

If you have been to one of these meetings before you know how we run—we tend to focus on recently released books or out of print classics. Standard favorites have been dealt with in past meetings. But if you are unsure, bring the book anyway. There's always someone new who hasn't read something!

To read the groups' 2012 List please go here.

To read the groups' 2011 List please go here.

We did the list meeting in 2010 and may have done it before that as well, but I didn't catalog those lists. You had to be there.

If you are interested in books that I recommend please click on the category "books" or "reviews" (the last category will also bring up product reviews, but there's some overlap). Or use the blog's search engine to look for reading list, reading, book reviews. I routinely post information about the books that I'm reading, or rereading. Also if you click on the 2011 list post and go to the end of the post you'll find a bunch of links under my name for some of my favorite book reviews up to that date.

Plan to join us. It is always a meeting full of surprises. People come up with great titles and it's fun to see their work in person. We will also share current journaling at the end of the book portion of the evening, so bring your journal and sketch presenters while you listen, and catch up on what everyone is up to. 

The meeting is free and open to the all adult journal keepers regardless of skill level.

Join in the fun and discover some titles to read this summer.

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